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Watch your water bill   

Eric  by  Eric  on  4/18/2013

SprinklersAs a community, we’ve responded great to the call to be more efficient with our water. We’re seeing less water use compared to last year and, so far, we’re achieving our desired savings.

That’s great news; however, I also want to share with you a reality that we’re seeing as the April bills are being processed. Yes, we’re saving water, but we’re also seeing plenty of customers who are reaching that third block of water use, which significantly increase the rate.

In case you’ve been under a rock or traveling out in space, you’re probably aware of the water restrictions that went into place April 1. What hasn’t received as much coverage, however, is the revised rate structure that also went into effect.

Rather than try to spell it out, I’ll let the table below do the talking. Here’s how the rates changed.

Standard tiered
pricing blocks​
Water shortage pricing
blocks (beginning April 1)​
price per CF​
Water shortage price
(beginning April 1)​
Block 1​ Up to 999 CF​ No change​ $0.0311​ No change​
Block 2​ 1,000 to 2,499 CF​ 1,000 to 1,999 CF​ $0.0584​ No change​
Block 3​ More than 2,500 CF​ More than 2,000 CF​ $0.0885​ $0.177​

The bigger question to answer is “How does this affect my bill?” Here are some examples of how “the more you use, the more you pay” structure could impact your pocketbook.

​Cubic Feet (CF) Gallons Standard bill​ Level II B drought bill​
500​ 3,740​ $29.68​ $29.68​
1,000​ 7,480​ $45.26​ $45.26​
1,500​ 11,220​ $74.46​ $74.46​
1,999​ 14,953​ $103.60​ $103.60​
2,500​ 18,700​ $132.89​ $192.28​
3,000​ 22,440​ $177.14​ $280.78​
3,500​ 26,180​ $221.39​ $369.28​
4,000​ 29,920​ $265.64​ $457.78​

It’s important to remember that not all bills are calculated by the calendar month. As a result, most April bills will be prorated based on your March and April water use. Watch this short video for a better description about how this is done.

If you don’t have a copy of a recent bill, simply login to your online account and you can see how much water you used last year and compare the cubic feet or gallons with the chart above to get an idea of what your bill might look like this summer.

While you’re in your online account, check out the new My Usage feature. You can use it to track your daily use throughout the month and get an idea of where you are before you even get your bill. By watching your use, you might be able to make some easy changes to save water and prevent you from entering the block 3 rate for the billing period. You can learn more about My Usage in this video.

There’s no doubt we’re in a drought but, together, we can beat it. Here’s to a wet summer that helps us all save water.


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Good job. Even though we have very intelligent customers it works much better to show in real time what their bills could look like.

Thursday, April 25, 2013  3:42 PM  Bob

Thanks Bob!

Monday, April 29, 2013  8:04 AM  Eric