Facing our aging water infrastructure

Published: 9/3/2015  11:07 AM
Water pipes are not something we think of on a daily basis, and why should we? We turn the faucet and the water flows. It fills our water bottles, goes into pots for boiling and keeps us clean from head to toe. As employees, we’re proud to provide r ...

Featured xeriscape plant: Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

Published: 8/26/2015  12:46 PM
Hot Wings tatarian maple is a great small ornamental tree for home landscapes. The slender branches with red twigs form an upright oval canopy. Although the flowers are not noticeable, by midsummer brilliant red samaras cover the tree providing a s ...

Case study: Apartments capture huge water savings

Published: 8/24/2015  3:27 PM
Like many multi-family communities in Colorado Springs, Alta Mira Apartments was built in the high growth period of the 1980s. As this type of property ages, it is often upgraded, but historically utility efficiency has not driven such changes.    ...

Colorado Springs air quality is among best in the state

Published: 8/21/2015  4:29 PM
We know the importance our customers place on reliable and affordable power, environmental stewardship is equally important. These are the main factors being taken into consideration now while we are developing our plan for future electric generatio ...

Rain, rain go away?

Published: 8/20/2015  4:26 PM
The result of all the abundant rain this year is the thick, lush landscapes that most homeowners are enjoying. I know I am! Grass and trees are greener than ever and I didn’t even need to water much this summer. Unfortunately, tree roots are fruitfu ...

Making the grade with your utilities

Published: 8/18/2015  3:24 PM
Where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday that I was looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. Now the sight of school buses in our neighborhood, kids roaming the sidewalks and increased traffic ...

Reservoirs provide opportunities for outdoor adventures

Published: 8/14/2015  11:07 AM
Living in Colorado Springs affords us some of the best outdoor experiences that would be hard to beat. Hiking Rampart Reservoir, fishing on North Catamount Reservoir and, for me, it’s tough to beat the views from Crystal Reservoir on Pikes Peak.   ...

SDS: Preparing for water startup

Published: 8/13/2015  1:22 PM
With five years of construction under its belt, the Southern Delivery System (SDS) project is concluding most major construction this year and has begun preparing for start up. “We are approaching the finish line,” said John Fredell, SDS Program Di ...

Top 10 excuses for not calling 811 before you dig

Published: 8/11/2015  7:45 AM
In honor of today’s date, August 11 or 8/11, I want to remind everyone of the importance of calling 811 before digging in your yards. 811 is the national number designated by the Federal Communications Commission to prevent unintentional damage of u ...

Featured xeriscape plant: James’ buckwheat

Published: 8/10/2015  12:05 PM
James' buckwheat is a gorgeous native perennial plant. The leaves grow in a simple mound and are shaped like spatulas. In August and September, clusters of creamy white flowers bloom on tall stalks that age into attractive russet seadheads. This p ...

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Saved by the bell   

Eric  by  Eric  on  8/21/2013

Student/Teacher at computerI spent a lot of time in school with one eye on the clock waiting for the bell to ring – maybe some of you can relate. I actually knew where the second hand would be on each clock – no, they weren’t digital – when the bell would ring. I was half way to the door by the time it stopped.

In case you haven’t noticed, school season is once again upon us. There’s more traffic in the mornings and more kids walking around the neighborhoods.

You may be saying, “That’s great, but what does school have to do with utilities?” Well, let me tell you. We’ve got a great education program for teachers, parents, students, organizations and the community in general to learn about utilities safety and the importance of conservation.

We offer:

  • Facility tours
  • Educational and entertaining programs
  • Classroom presentations
  • Teaching kits
  • Interactive tools online

You’ll find more educational information under the Community tab on our website. Check it out and see if there’s something there for you and/or your kids to help them understand what happens when they flip the light switch or turn the water faucet.

Not a teacher, but still interested? Not a problem. Most of these tools and offerings are available for kids of all ages!

As a community-owned utility, we’re proud to support activities to help everyone learn more about being safe around utilities and how to conserve.

Don’t worry, there’s no quadratic formula and you don’t need to show your work. Heck, we don’t even spring pop quizzes on you or hand out grades. It’s all about providing a fun way to learn more about your four-service utility.

Whoa…gotta go, the bell’s about to ring!​


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