Most flushable wipes aren't so flushable

Published: 6/30/2015  11:13 AM
The behind, the derriere, the butt, the bottom, the hiney – hey, we all have them (some more than others, ahem, Kim Kardashian) and most of us don’t like to talk about what it takes to keep ours clean.   Let’s face the facts; a majority of people ...

Lady Liberty in Colorado Springs...I don't think so

Published: 6/29/2015  10:33 AM
What do coins, mobile phones, streetlights and the Statue of Liberty all have in common? Yes, smarty, you can find them all in New York, but that’s not the answer. Try copper. That’s right. Most coins are made from copper and other metals. Mobile ph ...

Water-wise tips for a healthy landscape

Published: 6/25/2015  1:31 PM
July and August are typically the height of the irrigation season, but just because the temperatures rise doesn’t mean your water use has to go up, too. Use these simple tips to maintain a healthy, water-wise landscape while managing your water use. ...

Featured xeriscape plant: Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Published: 6/24/2015  9:51 AM
The Rocky Mountain Penstemon, or penstemon strictus, is a native penstemon with an upright form and broad, dark green leaves that lay very close to the ground. The sturdy funnel-shaped flowers of royal blue-purple are borne on one side of a spike-l ...

Blooming with color

Published: 6/19/2015  9:10 AM
If you like flowers, visit our Xeriscape Demonstration Garden as soon as possible. With all of the rain providing much-needed moisture and the cool spring delaying growth, the garden plants are blooming like crazy. While past years have done a good ...

Proactive work pays off, more needed

Published: 6/18/2015  1:13 PM
Maintaining four utility services covering a large geographic area requires a balance of achieving affordable rates while delivering a high level of reliability our customers expect. This balance is harder to maintain as parts of our systems exceed ...

Balancing affordability and conservation

Published: 6/12/2015  12:12 PM
Here’s an interesting question for you. Name one industry/business that encourages customers to use less of its product? Okay, this is a utility blog, so the answer should be obvious but, even so, think about that for a minute. Burger King sells a ...

Safe, high-quality drinking water at your tap

Published: 6/11/2015  10:30 AM
When you fill your bottle or cook a meal, you can count on using some of the highest-quality and best-tasting water in the country. Our Water Quality Report provides details on where our water comes from, what’s in it and how we treat it – all impo ...

Energy-saving tips for summer

Published: 6/2/2015  1:24 PM
Looking for ideas to decrease your energy use this summer? Follow these energy-saving tips. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you're home and 85 degrees or off when away. A programmable thermostat can help make this easy. Close your blinds an ...

Play it safe this summer

Published: 5/27/2015  2:33 PM
As summer approaches and more time is spent outdoors, we ask you to play it safe around electricity by keeping these tips in mind. Never attempt to move or touch a power line. Do not allow children (and adults) to climb trees or fly kites near po ...

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Saved by the bell   

Eric  by  Eric  on  8/21/2013

Student/Teacher at computerI spent a lot of time in school with one eye on the clock waiting for the bell to ring – maybe some of you can relate. I actually knew where the second hand would be on each clock – no, they weren’t digital – when the bell would ring. I was half way to the door by the time it stopped.

In case you haven’t noticed, school season is once again upon us. There’s more traffic in the mornings and more kids walking around the neighborhoods.

You may be saying, “That’s great, but what does school have to do with utilities?” Well, let me tell you. We’ve got a great education program for teachers, parents, students, organizations and the community in general to learn about utilities safety and the importance of conservation.

We offer:

  • Facility tours
  • Educational and entertaining programs
  • Classroom presentations
  • Teaching kits
  • Interactive tools online

You’ll find more educational information under the Community tab on our website. Check it out and see if there’s something there for you and/or your kids to help them understand what happens when they flip the light switch or turn the water faucet.

Not a teacher, but still interested? Not a problem. Most of these tools and offerings are available for kids of all ages!

As a community-owned utility, we’re proud to support activities to help everyone learn more about being safe around utilities and how to conserve.

Don’t worry, there’s no quadratic formula and you don’t need to show your work. Heck, we don’t even spring pop quizzes on you or hand out grades. It’s all about providing a fun way to learn more about your four-service utility.

Whoa…gotta go, the bell’s about to ring!​


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