Second compressed natural gas fueling station to open in March

Published: 2/11/2016  11:30 AM
​As we pursue our commitment to the local environment, we're currently exploring several options in alternatively-fueled vehicles, including electric, hybrid, E-85 and compressed natural gas (CNG).When it comes to CNG, it’s a chicken or egg analogy. ...

A long-range plan for energy generation

Published: 2/8/2016  12:40 PM
Determining how we address our community’s future energy demands is no small task. There is a great deal of research, planning, forecasts and public input that is considered when developing our Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP). For a long ...

You're thinking Super Bowl, we're thinking of another bowl

Published: 2/4/2016  12:04 PM
When it comes to the Super Bowl, most of us of think of snacks, halftime shows and a good party. At utilities, we think of another bowl – the toilet bowl. It’s not as glamorous as Beyoncé during the halftime show, but wastewater is actually a big ...

Break up with the bottle and turn on the tap

Published: 2/3/2016  11:06 AM
​Colorado trails offer a lot to boast about, wouldn’t you agree? Section 16 and Red Rocks Canyon do it for me. The scenery, the fresh air and the people you meet all make it a worthwhile journey. When you’re on the trail, it’s important to stay hy ...

Safe and sound: Protecting your information

Published: 1/28/2016  1:14 PM
It’s not likely you’ll see Data Privacy Day decorations for sale at your favorite store, and no, we don’t get a day off in honor of it either. Still, Data Privacy Day is an important reminder to protect your personal information. Why would we care ...

A continued commitment to community

Published: 1/27/2016  2:16 PM
As a citizen-owned utility, we believe that supporting the community helps us to be a better provider. Our employees are committed to not only providing excellent utilities service, but also to serving the community in many other ways. Volunteerism ...

Typical four-service bill drops again

Published: 1/26/2016  2:53 PM
​What a great week to be a Coloradan! Sunday, our beloved Broncos won the AFC. Super Bowl 50 here we come! Today, City Council approved significant rate decreases for utility customers. Effective Feb. 1, typical four-service utility bills will de ...

January Board meeting recap

Published: 1/21/2016  11:27 AM
The Utilities Board met yesterday and discussed many topics, including Martin Drake Power Plant and rates. A highlight is below. Vote to decommission Drake Unit 5 by end of 2017 passesAfter a few months of discussion, the Board voted to decommissio ...

A prescription for reducing risk

Published: 1/14/2016  6:22 PM
​When it comes to fires, it’s difficult sometimes to understand why we would intentionally set one. The truth is that fire, when used responsibly, is an excellent forest management tool.   Why would a utility be in the prescribed fire business? Fo ...

Winter water for a resilient landscape

Published: 1/14/2016  2:33 PM
Used to be that when it came to landscaping and gardening, my thumb was more brown than green. I’m proud to say these days, that oh-so important digit is at minimum a teal hue. Why the change? Years ago I started listening to and taking the advice ...

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Do u text? We do 2! :D   

Eric  by  Eric  on  12/16/2013

NewMessageSmartphone.jpgR u a texter? Then u know OMG, LOL and :). Did u know Springs Utilities texts? U can get alerts re ur account – like bill due, $ recd.

Okay, I tried, but I can’t go on. I thought I could write this entire blog post in the format of a text message as a clever way to let you know about our new texting feature, but that’s just too tough to read (and write for that matter) for any greater length than an actual text message.

The big news, though, is that we now offer text notifications about your account.

  • If you want to know when your bill is ready to view, we’ll send you a text.
  • Need a reminder that your bill is due in just a few days? No problem, we’ll send you a message.
  • Want to know that we received your payment? Check your phone, we’ll let you know.

That seems pretty basic, but that’s what text messaging is: basic communication. Let’s cut the clutter and get right to it in 160 characters.

How do you sign up? Sign in to your online account – or create one if you don’t already have one – and look for the notifications link to the left. Then add a cell phone number or numbers where you would like to receive messages. Once you to that, watch your phone for a text verifying your request to sign up for our texting service. Simply confirm that and you’re signed up.

Don’t worry, we won’t send you any selfies or share your information with anyone. This is strictly for notifications about your account.

So, there you go. Share with friends. “OMG, just got text from CSUtilities. :)”​


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thx. wfm. ur 2 funny. i m lotfl. tafn.

Monday, December 16, 2013  2:23 PM  OU812

OU812 - i <3 ur comments. Thx 4 sharing.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013  2:54 PM  Eric