Tips for Wise Watering During Mid-Summer Heat

Published: 6/20/2018  12:17 PM
With the recent hot, dry weather, many people have been watering their landscapes frequently. So how do you use the right amount of water to keep your landscape healthy without waste? Here are four ideas: Water enough, but not too much. You can tak ...

Preparing for our energy future

Published: 6/18/2018  7:54 PM
We have the technology, expertise and dedicated staff to retire the Martin Drake Power Plant and continue adding more environmentally friendly generation to our system. While we can’t close the plant tomorrow, we have an experienced team now planni ...

The loudest lullaby signals water leak

Published: 6/14/2018  11:03 AM
​I headed to bed after my shower. As I began to relax, I could hear a loud, continuous drip drop sound coming from my bathroom.  This quickly became an annoying distraction as I tried to close my eyes. Even more so, I began to dread how much money ...

Take two wheels to work! Bicycle to Work Day Corporate Challenge

Published: 6/12/2018  8:33 AM
​Wednesday, June 27, 20186 a.m. – 9 a.m. Bike to Work Day on June 27 encourages bicycling for personal and community health, alternative transportation, recreation and sustainability. Register today because…   •  It’s healthy: Bicycling is a grea ...

Safe removal of abandoned pipelines

Published: 6/11/2018  11:45 AM
Environmental stewardship and safety are important parts of our business practice. Our customers and community rely on us to meet their utility needs, and they also expect us to responsibly manage the environmental impact of their services. This inc ...

Come to our Efficiency Expo for an expo-nential good time!

Published: 6/5/2018  2:06 PM
Have you ever thought about how the little things you do every day can make a big difference for our community? Want to make some changes but don’t know where to start? We are here to help! Drop by our free Efficiency Expo on June 9 from 9 a.m. to ...

Dam safety and flood awareness

Published: 5/30/2018  9:50 AM
Water is one of our most precious resources. Our lives depend on it. Throughout history, people have built dams to maximize use of this vital resource. Dams provide a wide range of range of benefits, including recreation, flood control, water suppl ...

Irrigation season begins - Please use water wisely

Published: 5/29/2018  12:05 PM
​Although we've had a dry year in Colorado Springs, the trees, flowers, shrubs and lawns are springing into bloom. We recognize that a beautiful yard enhances your quality of life and your property value. With a three-year water supply in storage, ...

2018 Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival attracts 800 students

Published: 5/25/2018  10:18 AM
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a kid at heart. I love eating pizza for breakfast, riding on the biggest roller coasters at amusement parks and am OBSESSED with the Incredibles (I can't wait for Incredibles 2 to come out in a couple of weeks!). Last ...

​System improvements at Kelker Substation

Published: 5/24/2018  4:17 PM
  Moving an object that weighs 355,000 pounds is no small feat. In April we transported a new autotransformer to the Kelker Substation for installation. After completely installed, it will weigh more than half a million pounds. This enormous p ...

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Model indicates compliance with air quality standard   

  by  Amy  on  9/11/2017

​With Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) oversight and public input, the air quality modeling for the 1506CSU_0018.jpgMartin Drake Power Plant is complete.

The results indicate that air quality achieves compliance with the one-hour National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for sulfur dioxide (SO2). This Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard is designed to be protective of public health and our environment.

The Drake Power Plant SO2 NAAQS Compliance Modeling Report is publicly available.

Last year, the area around the plant was designated as “unclassifiable” by CDPHE relative to the current one-hour SO2 standard.

Recently, CDPHE’s Air Pollution Control Division released its evaluation and the modeling report as part of its request to the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) for a redesignation public hearing. The evaluation recommends that “…the area around the Martin Drake Power Plant as an attainment area for purposes of the 2010 one-hour SOs NAQQS.”

Later this month we expect the AQCC to approve a redesignation public hearing for its October meeting.

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Does this mean you are going to stop monitoring SO2 emissions? How about particulates? NOx? Radionuclides? There is no such thing as clean coal emissions so I am skeptical of any statement that implies a completion of monitoring. This also seems to be only for the plant property only. Do the down wind plume measurements support the near source conclusions?

Monday, September 11, 2017  9:02 PM  Rangesaf