2018 Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival attracts 800 students

Published: 5/25/2018  10:18 AM
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a kid at heart. I love eating pizza for breakfast, riding on the biggest roller coasters at amusement parks and am OBSESSED with the Incredibles (I can't wait for Incredibles 2 to come out in a couple of weeks!). Last ...

​System improvements at Kelker Substation

Published: 5/24/2018  4:17 PM
  Moving an object that weighs 355,000 pounds is no small feat. In April we transported a new autotransformer to the Kelker Substation for installation. After completely installed, it will weigh more than half a million pounds. This enormous p ...

Tops in power reliability

Published: 5/23/2018  1:46 PM
​Safely delivering reliable power to our community is something in which we take great pride. Usually we're working behind the scenes to help you do all the great things you do. But, today, we're stepping out of the shadows to take a moment to cele ...

Drinking Water Week unlike any other week

Published: 5/8/2018  3:16 PM
​There are celebration weeks for just about everything these days. I understand if you’re suffering from celebration week fatigue, but don’t be so quick to discard the importance of #DrinkingWaterWeek, which kicked off on Sunday. Without safe and re ...

Working toward a cleaner energy future

Published: 5/3/2018  9:37 AM
To meet the renewable energy goals in our Energy Vision and respond to customers’ expectations of a cleaner energy future, we released our latest solicitation for more renewable energy projects. On April 26, we issued a request for proposals for up ...

Colorado Springs Utilities receives 2017 Discover Goodwill Award

Published: 5/2/2018  9:18 AM
​On Thursday, April 26, Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte and Facilities Contract Administrator Paul Brown accepted The 2017 Discover Goodwill Award at Goodwill's annual awards dinner. Each year Discover Goodwill honors outstanding busines ...

Public hearing regarding Drake Power Plant permit

Published: 5/1/2018  3:07 PM
​On May 7, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC), a division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), will conduct a public hearing on the renewal of our Title V Operating Permit for the Martin Drake Power Pl ...

Kicking off the 2018 paving season

Published: 5/1/2018  11:35 AM
Today we joined with the City of Colorado Springs to kick of the 2018 paving season! While this may not seem very exciting to you, it signifies the progress the city is making in completing 2C projects and the collaboration between Colorado Springs ...

From snow to sprinklers

Published: 4/26/2018  1:10 PM
Knock on wood, I think spring is finally loosening its grip and yielding to the inevitable change to summer. We can only hope anyway! However, as the temperatures increase so do water bills. It’s not uncommon for summer water bills to be about twic ...

Achieving a Smart City vision

Published: 4/24/2018  9:25 AM
For the past six months Colorado Springs Utilities, City of Colorado Springs and Panasonic City NOW have worked together to develop a Smart City vision for our community, known as SmartCOS. This effort was launched by Mayor Suthers with support fro ...

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​Drake decision to provide more energy options   

  by  Amy T.  on  12/20/2017

downtownThe energy industry is changing. To power our city, we are adopting new, efficient and sustainable technologies to better serve our customers and reduce our impacts on the environment.

To do this, our Utilities Board on Monday decided to accelerate an essential transmission project. One that will allow us to decommission two power plants inside the city, Drake located downtown and Birdsall on North Nevada, while importing replacement power.

The source of this replacement power may vary. Options include new generation outside city limits and even neighboring utilities.

Partnering with neighboring utilities in a regional transmission organization (RTO) is an opportunity that we will continue to explore over the next year. Participation in an RTO has the potential to provide significant value and efficiencies for our customers, while increasing grid resiliency and access to renewable energy, like wind.

This new line transporting power to our downtown substation will be critical for system reliability once Drake is decommissioned. Plus, it provides maximum flexibility in meeting the electric demands of our growing city and determining a closure date for the plant, whether that’s 2035 or earlier remains to be decided by the Utilities Board.

Even though we have spent the greater portion of the past year studying earlier decommissioning dates for the Drake Power Plant, uncertainties remain. These include participation in a RTO, regulatory requirements, breakthrough technologies, fuel prices and the value of the land.

In order to make a more informed decision, we will continue this venture over the next few years. We will conduct a complete site assessment study at Drake and kick-off our next Electrical Integrated Research Plan.

Armed with this information, along with a transmission solution to replace generation from both the Drake and Birdsall Power Plants, we will be able to continue providing our customers with safe, reliable and affordable power.

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If the Drake and Birdsell power plants are closed will this take away local control ?
Buying power from other sources does take away city control on pricing and give that control to the providers?
Utility costs have been increasing. Without coal burning power plants like Drake & Birdsall will cosy increase?
Please let me know.

Thursday, February 22, 2018  2:22 PM  Fred Boothe