Creating tomorrow's energy landscape

Published: 9/20/2018  12:36 PM
​Yesterday we took a big step forward in demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy. Our Utilities Board approved the addition of 150 megawatts of new solar generation plus battery storage to our system by 2024. The project will bring our re ...

Baseball, Football and Fall Prep

Published: 9/11/2018  8:14 AM
September is likely my favorite month in Colorado.  In the daytime, it feels like we're getting a second chance at summer, yet, nighttime brings us cool, crisp air. Football season is underway and baseball gets exciting. Our tradition, with Broncos ...

Changing the current collaboratively

Published: 9/6/2018  12:18 PM
When I first traveled through this area in the 1980s I was amazed at its natural beauty. I fell in love with the region, though, in the late 1990s when we decided to call it our home. Like any true love, it gets better with time. Colorado Springs is ...

Labor Day Weekend Checklist: To-dos for fall energy savings

Published: 8/30/2018  1:18 PM
As you may know, Labor Day is a federal holiday to recognize contributions that workers make to our society. The last thing we want to do on your holiday is to add to your workload. But a little effort this weekend can pay off with energy savings al ...

Top three tips for late summer lawn care

Published: 8/27/2018  3:51 PM
With the start of school, football season and trips to the mountains to see the aspens change color, it can be easy to forget about your lawn. Nonetheless, late summer is an important time to fertilize and adjust your watering schedule. By providin ...

Analytics driving force behind enhanced fire hydrant tracking & maintenance

Published: 8/24/2018  8:56 AM
​When it comes to fire hydrants, the coverage area is extensive, the stakes are high and the margin for error is slim. There are approximately 18,000 hydrants under Colorado Springs Utilities’ purview and each are expected to work when needed. Howev ...

CEO finalists announced

Published: 8/23/2018  1:00 PM
​Today, the Colorado Springs Utilities Board of Directors announced the top three finalists for the position of Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO Jerry Forte retired on May 30, 2018, after 12.5 years with Springs Utilities. Nearly 130 candidates ...

Poles need love too

Published: 8/17/2018  3:00 PM
​Did you know that every year, Colorado Springs Utilities inspects and tests 4,000 electric wood poles? It takes about 8 to 12 weeks to complete the work. In fact, that’s only a fraction of the poles that serve up power to our community. There is a ...

Colorado Springs Utilities moves forward with model water-sharing agreement

Published: 8/17/2018  8:31 AM
​Over the past year, the Colorado Springs Utilities Water Resources team has been working behind the scenes on a history-shaping agreement within the Colorado water industry. Last month Springs Utilities and the Lower Arkansas Water Management Asso ...

So easy a rabbit can do it

Published: 8/10/2018  2:19 PM
811 Day is tomorrow, and that means we’ve been reminding our customers to contact 811 before they dig. A large percentage of our electric, natural gas, water and wastewater mains and service lines are underground and out of sight, and very dangerous ...

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Freeing you from flannel on Valentine's Day   

  by  Steve  on  2/14/2018

Flannel PajamasIt’s Valentine’s Day – a time for love, passion, overpriced chocolate, foot massages, oily back rubs, flowers, Barry White (for you older kids), Drake (for you younger kids?), panicked guys scrambling at the last minute to buy overpriced chocolate while fighting other panicked guys, and husbands trying to figure out how to convince their wives not to wear flannel pajamas for the special day. Are you seeing a trend?

While we can’t help you with last-minute shopping, I think we can give you a few ways to escape the horror that is flannel pajamas. Although, to digress a moment, I once knew a guy who said he had “a thing” for flannel and that when his wife wore flannel, he entered a type of overdrive. So, the following message is not for him, assuming he’s even still alive and hasn’t been attacked by a horde of love-hungry, zombie lumberjacks.

At Colorado Springs Utilities, we have a few tools that could help better manage your utilities consumption and budget year-round, so that when Valentine’s Day or your anniversary arrives, you can turn up the heat a little and leave the flannel pajamas in the drawer.

My colleague Katlin recently offered several fantastic tips for wisely managing your utility consumption in her blog, such as our My Usage tool and Budget Billing. Other options include Smart Thermostats, which we offer a $50 rebate for on certain models, and home energy audits. I’d highly recommend that you investigate these options, as they could offer you a little flexibility to turn up the heat at the thermostat and elsewhere, if you know what I mean!

Personally, my motivation for Valentine’s Day countermeasures is strong as my wife feels anything below 70 degrees is cold. As I’ve stated previously on this page, she has a unique angle on fluffy pajamas. She doesn’t really opt for flannel, but instead something I call, Teddy Bear Jammies. I’ve hypothesized that they’re made out of several hundred, discarded teddy bear skins. Whatever mystery fabric they were originally created with, they seem to take on the heating characteristics of an inferno when stitched together in a Frankenbear-type pajama ensemble. This not only makes me extremely uncomfortable and itchy, but also obliterates my innate passions.

So, what was my point again? Oh yeah…utility services impact your life in many ways. We know receiving a monthly utility bill isn’t something you look forward to. However, if you look at it from a certain perspective, our services can do AMAZING things, such as unlock the passion in your relationship and free your budget for all sorts of enjoyable pursuits, especially when managed efficiently. That’s why we offer the tools we do – for YOU! #happyvalentinesday2018


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