CEO announces retirement

Published: 3/21/2018  7:05 PM
​Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte will retire May 30, 2018.  Forte, 63, who has been with the municipally-owned utility 16 years, informed the Utilities Board of his decision Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Utilities Board Chairman Tom Strand ...

Treat your landscape like your skin during the winter

Published: 3/13/2018  4:37 PM
​My skin is a testament: It's been a warm and dry winter. I probably need to increase my water intake and become more serious in my use of moisturizers if I don't want to appear much more mature than I am. ​  Guess what? Our landscapes are experie ...

Women in Construction Week

Published: 3/8/2018  10:33 AM
It’s Women in Construction Week, and I was asked to write about my experience as a woman in a male dominated field, which I thought would be easy enough, right? I mean, the people I work with are predominately male in the construction industry, whic ...

Our water and the Tooth Fairy

Published: 2/28/2018  11:23 AM
​It’s National Tooth Fairy Day! What a great day to talk about our water quality and your teeth! We’re fortunate to have one of the finest sources of drinking water in the nation…the Rocky Mountains. Most of our water comes directly from high count ...

Caring for our community

Published: 2/28/2018  9:41 AM
Connecting with our community is a big reason why so many of us spend our personal time volunteering with local nonprofit organizations. Among the highlights from 2017 are the more than 5,500 meals delivered to homes through Project Angel Heart and ...

Celebrating Leon Young

Published: 2/26/2018  3:10 PM
Each February, we come together to celebrate Black History Month by honoring the many achievements by African-Americans and recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history. This year, one special man comes to mind - Leon Young. Young was no ...

Freeing you from flannel on Valentine's Day

Published: 2/14/2018  1:23 PM
It’s Valentine’s Day – a time for love, passion, overpriced chocolate, foot massages, oily back rubs, flowers, Barry White (for you older kids), Drake (for you younger kids?), panicked guys scrambling at the last minute to buy overpriced chocolate w ...

Colder weather means higher bills

Published: 2/8/2018  9:50 AM
Often, when I talk to friends on the east coast, they are surprised how mild the winters in Colorado can be compared to the northeast. This winter has been mild as well, with the exception of a string of days in late December, when we finally got hi ...

Animals & Predictions

Published: 2/5/2018  4:03 PM
​If Friday had a theme, it’d be animals and predictions. Feb. 2 - that day when sleepy, morning eyes gaze upon Punxsutawney Phil for a weather forecast. He saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter. I hope it’s true. Six weeks of winter and a wet spr ...

2017 Highlights

Published: 1/31/2018  1:27 PM
As our community changes—new businesses coming to town, rapid growth of the housing market and Millennials making up a quarter of the U.S. population, just to name a few—Colorado Springs Utilities is changing right along with it. We are changing the ...

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Celebrating Leon Young   

  by  Ellen  on  2/26/2018

Leon YoungEach February, we come together to celebrate Black History Month by honoring the many achievements by African-Americans and recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.

This year, one special man comes to mind - Leon Young.

Young was not only a war veteran, a successful small business owner, a husband and a father, but the first and only African-American mayor of Colorado Springs. His tenure as mayor was short, but his impact as a public servant was great; he served as vice mayor and as a city council member for decades prior.

A quiet, hard-working man dedicated to public service, local newspaper headlines from the 1990s paint a vivid picture of his character:

  • "The quiet man proves to be a voice for the voiceless"
  • "A quarter century of public service / Working behind the scenes, vice mayor quietly builds consensus"
  • "Young's years of service nurture Colorado Springs"
  • "Vice Mayor Young a fierce fighter for racial equality"

On May 19, 1999, the Colorado Springs Utilities Board renamed the Colorado Springs Utilities Service Center the Leon Young Service Center "in appreciation for the exemplary and dedicated leadership of Mr. Young during his tenure as City Council Member, Vice Mayor and Mayor of Colorado Springs."

Young passed away in 2004 at age 80. He left a legacy and we are honored to have his name on our building. If you visit the Leon Young Service Center, check out the display cases in the lobby with his numerous awards, pictures and treasures.

If you want to learn more about Leon Young and other contributions African-Americans have made to our Colorado Springs community, visit the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum exhibit called Any Place That Is North and West. This exhibit explores what African-Americans found when they arrived in Colorado Springs, the supportive community they created for themselves, and the role they played in shaping the city we live in today.

Leon Young PinLeon Young Service Center sign


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