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April water outlook   

Author: Eric  by  Eric  on  4/4/2018

Number of water days each week by monthApril showers bring May flowers. At least that’s how the saying goes.

However, those showers might be a little hard to come by this year as drought conditions are expected to persist across the state. Long-range forecasts suggest drier conditions through the spring.

The good news is we currently have 3 years of typical water demand stored in our reservoirs. Even without significant spring snow, our above average storage levels should allow us to maintain normal water supply to customers this year.

Current reservoir levels

  • Local storage – 71% of capacity
  • Rampart Reservoir – 72% of capacity
  • Pikes Peak storage – 69% of capacity
  • System wide storage – 82% of capacity (The 1981-2010 average system wide storage for the end of March is 74% of capacity.)


Snowpack has been varied across our mountain watershed sites, ranging from 66% to 90% of normal. Reservoir levels will continue to drop until mountain runoff begins.

2018 demands

As always, water demands are driven by weather conditions. With the warm, dry winter, water demand began to rise in March but remained about 5% lower than last year. For the year, water demand is down slightly, 0.6%, compared to last year.

Weather conditions

  • March temperature: 43.0 degrees – 3.9 degrees above normal and above the thirty-year average
  • Year-to-date temperature: 36.9 degrees – 3.0 degrees above normal
  • March precipitation: 0.6 inches – 60% of normal
  • Year-to-date precipitation: 1.16 inches – 69.9% of normal

If it’s May flowers you’re hoping for, you’ll probably need to give your garden a little help this month.


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