8 steps to consider before going solar

Published: 7/16/2018  1:19 PM
Solar energy helps protect the environment, diversifies our energy supply, creates energy independence and reduces our summer peak capacity requirements. But, it's a big investment and, for many, we can sometimes get paralysis by analysis. In other ...

Boulder Place Park rehab project = major win for the community

Published: 7/13/2018  10:30 AM
​             Before                                                                                     After A 10-month long rehab project for our Construction Maintenance Restoration group has turned into a community gem for hundreds of people. ...

Practice wise mulching for water savings

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​One of the biggest secrets to growing a beautiful landscape is covering bare soil between plants with mulch. When you choose the right type of mulch, landscape plants stay healthier, and you can save water by reducing evaporation from the soil. So ...

What do soccer and Colorado Springs Utilities’ credit rating have in common?

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Let’s face it: Americans are fair-weather fans when it comes to soccer. Unlike most of the rest of the world, which support their soccer (i.e., fútbol) teams all year around, in the United States we jump on board every four years or so when it’s tim ...

Wise up with water usage texts

Published: 7/5/2018  9:15 AM
​Summer’s scorching days, breezy nights and pounding precipitation can challenge your yard care routine. At Colorado Springs Utilities, we encourage the wise use of water year-round, but particularly during dry periods. It’s important to give your l ...

Quietly setting records

Published: 6/29/2018  2:33 PM
The current heat wave has had customers running indoors to turn on air conditioners, fans, swamp coolers and anything else they have to keep them cool. All those efforts to escape the heat led to a new peak electric demand on Wednesday – which was t ...

Top 5 July 4 holiday safety tips

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We're efficient, how about you?

Published: 6/28/2018  3:52 PM
At Colorado Springs Utilities, we celebrate things that usually get overlooked. We pay special attention to the little things - like lightbulbs and curtains and fans. Why? Because we know how much they impact efficiency.   We ask our customers to ...

Cool tips to beat the heat and save energy

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With high temps in the 90s again, we want to help you stay cool and save energy. Here are a few low-cost/no cost ideas that everyone can do today to be comfortable all summer long. Tips for keeping cool and saving energy 1. Drafts aren’t just a co ...

Tips for wise watering during mid-summer heat

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With the recent hot, dry weather, many people have been watering their landscapes frequently. So how do you use the right amount of water to keep your landscape healthy without waste? Here are four ideas: Water enough, but not too much. You can tak ...

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Next steps for potential SPP membership   

  by  Amy  on  4/4/2018

Early last year, the Mountain West Transmission Group (Mountain West), in which Colorado Spring Utilities is a participant, announced plans to explore potential membership in an existing regional transmission organization (RTO) if electricity market operational benefits could be realized. Subsequently, Mountain West entered into discussions with Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

Last fall, it was announced that Mountain West completed initial discussions with SPP's management team concerning membership in it's RTO. Through these discussions, Mountain West determined that membership in SPP would provide opportunities to reduce customer costs, and maximize resource and electric grid utilization.

More recently, on March 13, SPP's board of directors approved a set of policies defining the terms and conditions of Mountain West Transmission Group’s potential membership in its RTO. SPP’s board also directed its staff and stakeholders to draft amendments to its tariff, bylaws and membership agreement in support of these policies.

This marks a transition in joint efforts by SPP and Mountain West from negotiation toward implementation, subject to subsequent local, state and federal regulatory approvals, via SPP’s public and transparent stakeholder process.

As a member of Mountain West, we continue to evaluate whether participation in this RTO is a good fit for the future of our community and benefits our customers.

As for next steps for us, an in-depth staff presentation and guest speaker providing insight of another organization's experience with an RTO are scheduled for the May Utilities Board meeting. Then, currently projected for no later than third quarter of 2018, we will ask for Utilities Board approval to continue this stakeholder process and join the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proceeding, requesting FERC approval of the tariff, bylaws and membership agreement amendments agreed to in SPP’s stakeholder process.

While the Mountain West remains optimistic that an RTO would benefit its entire membership, each Mountain West participant will ultimately need to individually evaluate whether potential membership benefits its customers.

Participants in Mountain West include:

  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative, based in Bismarck, N.D.;
  • Black Hills Energy’s three electric utilities in Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming, subsidiaries of the Rapid City-based Black Hills Corp;
  • Colorado Springs Utilities;
  • Platte River Power Authority, based in Fort Collins, Colo.;
  • Public Service Co. of Colorado, an operating company of Xcel Energy based in Denver;
  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, based in Westminster, Colo.; and
  • Western Area Power Administration Loveland Area Projects and Colorado River Storage Project.

Learn more about this effort.


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Bigger is not always better. When will the citizens of Colorado Springs get a voice on this proposal?

Saturday, April 28, 2018  7:00 PM  Lonnie Roberts

Lonnie, all Utilities Board meetings (and City Council meetings) are open to the public and have a public comment item on the agenda. So, you're always welcome to share your input there. You can also send your councilperson and email or give them a call to let them know your thoughts.

Monday, April 30, 2018  10:58 AM  Eric