Colorado Springs non-profit benefits from settlement agreement

Published: 4/17/2018  9:39 AM
​“Funds from this settlement will help local families maintain a safe and healthy quality of life by making critical energy efficiency improvements to their homes. These improvements will help families save money they can put towards medicine, food ...

Wastewater workers keep it flowing

Published: 4/16/2018  9:43 AM
​Editor’s note: Tara K., Resource Recovery Facilities Manager, and her fellow wastewater employees at Colorado Springs Utilities oversee one of the most complex wastewater treatment and collection systems in the region. ​They manage approximately 40 ...

Committed to the environment

Published: 4/12/2018  11:56 AM
​April 22 is Earth Day, a day in which we celebrate our support for the protection of our enivronment. Our customers and community rely on us to meet their utility needs, and they also expect us to responsibly manage the environmental impact of thei ...

Putting utilities on the map

Published: 4/12/2018  9:23 AM
​When you have a water delivery system that spans more than 10 counties, a service territory that’s more than 500 square miles, and more than 10,000 combined miles of pipes and wires to manage, mapping is a big deal! For years, we’ve controlled all ...

Next steps for potential SPP membership

Published: 4/4/2018  2:12 PM
Early last year, the Mountain West Transmission Group (Mountain West), in which Colorado Spring Utilities is a participant, announced plans to explore potential membership in an existing regional transmission organization (RTO) if electricity market ...

April water outlook

Published: 4/4/2018  9:37 AM
April showers bring May flowers. At least that’s how the saying goes. However, those showers might be a little hard to come by this year as drought conditions are expected to persist across the state. Long-range forecasts suggest drier conditions t ...

CEO announces retirement

Published: 3/21/2018  7:05 PM
​Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte will retire May 30, 2018. Forte, 63, who has been with the municipally-owned utility 16 years, informed the Utilities Board of his decision Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Utilities Board Chairman Tom Strand s ...

Treat your landscape like your skin during the winter

Published: 3/13/2018  4:37 PM
​My skin is a testament: It's been a warm and dry winter. I probably need to increase my water intake and become more serious in my use of moisturizers if I don't want to appear much more mature than I am. ​  Guess what? Our landscapes are experie ...

Women in Construction Week

Published: 3/8/2018  10:33 AM
It’s Women in Construction Week, and I was asked to write about my experience as a woman in a male dominated field, which I thought would be easy enough, right? I mean, the people I work with are predominately male in the construction industry, whic ...

Our water and the Tooth Fairy

Published: 2/28/2018  11:23 AM
​It’s National Tooth Fairy Day! What a great day to talk about our water quality and your teeth! We’re fortunate to have one of the finest sources of drinking water in the nation…the Rocky Mountains. Most of our water comes directly from high count ...

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Putting utilities on the map   

Author: Eric  by  Eric  on  4/12/2018

GIS Public PortalWhen you have a water delivery system that spans more than 10 counties, a service territory that’s more than 500 square miles, and more than 10,000 combined miles of pipes and wires to manage, mapping is a big deal!

For years, we’ve controlled all the mapping services internally, however we recently launched a new geospatial public portal. The portal is an interactive web mapping environment providing non-sensitive, four-service utility data to the public.

The mapping functionality benefits planning, engineering and construction companies who do business with us as well as all customers who want to know more about their utility or what’s happening in their neighborhood.

A few of the functions the service provides:

  • Search for a specific location or address
  • Run a query on assets, parcels, etc.
  • Generate PDF maps at no charge
  • Access to other publicly available utility documentation – Water service cards, survey control records, etc.
  • Access County Assessor information
  • Inform customers of rebate eligibility based on property location in the service territory
  • View active and planned construction project information
  • View/print/download a variety of static utility maps, including service boundary maps and construction projects by City Council district

One feature that may be most interesting to customers is the ability to view construction work. On any given day, we have crews all across the community working to improve the reliability of our systems. With the new mapping service, you can learn more about what we’re doing in your neighborhood or other projects of interest to you. The map only displays planned major projects, those lasting 2 weeks or longer.

You may not need to know where all 10,000 miles of pipes and wires are located, but having access to the information you need, when you need it is a big deal too!


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