Four fall tips to brighten your landscape

Published: 9/9/2019  9:34 AM
​After Labor Day, many landscapes may look dull, especially if most of the flowering plants bloom in early summer. Fortunately, September is a wonderful month to add a few more plants to your landscape. The soil is warm and the air temperatures have ...

CSFD releases report on Aug. 20 fire at Drake Power Plant, Unit 7 will be back online later today

Published: 8/28/2019  2:26 PM
​Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated employees, Unit 7 at the Martin Drake Power Plant is scheduled to be put back into service later today after a small, isolated fire last Tuesday night. Per the Colorado Springs Fire Department announcement bel ...

We're transforming public spaces with water-wise plants

Published: 8/22/2019  12:17 PM
Our water-wise plant experts are partnering with the City of Colorado Springs to bring sustainable landscapes to public spaces, while broadening the availability of water-wise plants for the public. Springs Utilities staff from the Conservation and ...

Drake Power Plant update: Small fire will not impact customers

Published: 8/21/2019  10:25 AM
​If you’ve been watching the local news since last night, you’ve likely heard about the small, isolated fire at our Martin Drake Power Plant, located just south of downtown Colorado Springs. The fire was limited internally to a single generating uni ...

Prevent high water bills during warmer weather

Published: 8/19/2019  2:38 PM
As we settle in to the hottest time of the year, we expect to use more water but is it necessary? Have you done everything you can to improve your watering efficiency? Here’s five important water-saving landscape strategies to get the most out of yo ...

Three reasons you need a rain sensor

Published: 8/7/2019  2:19 PM
​August weather can be unpredictable, alternating between 90-degree weather and monsoon thunderstorms. With the bustle of school starting and late summer routine changes, it’s a challenge to turn your sprinkler system off every time it rains-- not t ...

Smart technology powers the home of the future

Published: 7/30/2019  1:48 PM
We’re partnering with Classic Homes for the 2019 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes to showcase the parade’s smartest home yet, and to learn how smart technology will power the future.You can join us for a special 'Ask the Experts' tour with our energ ...

Innovative partnership protects 11,000 acres of critical watershed

Published: 7/23/2019  9:20 AM
​On July 23 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to continue our partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Region 2 Office and the Colorado State Forest Service to fund critical forest management and wildfire risk mitigation projects in area ...

Water outlook after 6 months

Published: 7/18/2019  2:15 PM
I love summer. Call me crazy, but I love the hot, dry weather. If you’re like me, the weather in June frustrated you to no end! While the weather didn’t do my disposition any favors, it did do wonders for our water supply. June’s weather brought t ...

Top 10 tips to keep cool this summer

Published: 7/17/2019  1:36 PM
​As temperatures rise and we transition from the cooler months into summer, you can take some easy steps to keep an attractive landscape and a comfortable home while using energy and water wisely. These 10 tips will help you reduce overall electric ...

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Creating tomorrow's energy landscape   

Author: Amy  by  Amy  on  9/20/2018

​Yesterday we took a big step forward in demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy. Our Utilities Board approved the addition of 150 megawatts of new solar generation plus battery storage to our system by 2024. 41334_485A2360_solar2.jpg

The project will bring our renewable energy mix to more than 20 percent by

“This decision sets the stage for us to create a new energy landscape,” says John Romero, general manager of Energy Acquisition Engineering and Planning. “To better serve our customers in the future, we need to think differently, become more creative and embrace new technology to advance our learning and become a leader in the industry.”

The project, in addition to two solar projects totaling 95 megawatts that will come online in 2020, will change the way we power the Pikes Peak Region for decades to come. Once all are commissioned, we will be able to power more than 75,000 homes annually with this carbon-free energy, while limiting bill impacts to just over 1 percent over 10 years.

We understand our customers have high expectations for their local utility. In addition to safe and reliable service, they want to know that the beauty of the Pikes Peak Region is being preserved for our children and grandchildren. That’s why projects such as this play an integral part in our environmental stewardship.


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This is awesome news, keep up the good work moving us forward to our renewable energy future as quickly as we can!

Saturday, October 13, 2018  3:15 AM  Sean Helzer

I'd like to see articles on conservation case studies within our community. We bought our home in 2011, which was built in 1994 by Keller Homes. The first year of ownership, we consumed 10,700kwh of electricity. We had a whole house energy audit done, and were dismayed to learn the breakeven on a high efficiency furnace, air conditioner, and even whole house air sealing would each take 30+ years. We bought a Nissan Leaf in mid 2013, which we drive 8K miles/yr. We trickle charge it at 120v in our garage for all but the rare extended trip. On LED light bulb replacements alone, we covered the additional 2,000 kwh needed to run the car. We insulated the garage, including the garage door with panels from Lowes. We added 6.6kwh of net metered solar panels to our south-southeast facing roof in the Spring of 2015, which had us producing a surplus in 6 months and a deficit in 6 months, coming up short by 600kwh that first year of experience. Changing out a dimmer switch for LED's in the dining room, replacing fluorescent lighting in the garage and kitchen with LED strip lights and replacing low voltage 11 watt T-type bulbs in outdoor deck lighting with LED bulbs saved another 1,000+ kwh/yr. We replaced our windows over 3 years with Milgard energy efficient windows and added honeycomb blinds in 2017. In 2016 we also added infra-red heat reflecting foil in the attic which rolls out over the existing insulation and is stapled in place. In 2018, we are on track to consume less than 7,000 kwh of electricity and our net metered array will generate close to 11,000 kwh by year end, sending 4,000 kwh of excess production back to the grid! Even better is the comfort level we experience in our home as it stays temperate year round. We rarely need to even run A/C anymore and the heat cycles on much less in the winter, saving on gas as well. I wish there was a program to donate that excess production similar to Project COPE as the credit on excess electricity is only $0.028/kwh and would be worth almost 4x that to someone in need at regular rates. I hope this gives others encouragement and ideas on where to start to save on electricity. Connect fees now represent 45% of our CSU utility bills, which are budgeted at $160/mo.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018  6:22 AM  Greg

I'd like to learn more about the billing from CSU after installing solar panels to a home. I know Woodland Park charges a surplus for any electricity used during "dark" hours. Will CSU charge a surplus as well? Or is the solar storage component used for after-dark energy use for the homeowner specifically?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019  9:47 AM  Rea