Help us create a bright energy future

Published: 2/15/2019  2:17 PM
 Earlier this year I announced our efforts to create a new Energy Vision that proactively and responsibly takes on challenges never seen before in the energy industry.We have been working closely with our Utilities Board and the Utilities Policy Adv ...

Water plant upgrades benefit the community

Published: 2/6/2019  1:32 PM
More than 45,000 hours of work later, we have made excellent progress on our current water treatment plant upgrade.  We began upgrades to the plant in May 2018 and renamed it shortly thereafter. The Mesa Water Treatment Plant, built in 1942, is now ...

Don't Super Bowl blitz your wastewater lines

Published: 2/1/2019  10:24 AM
​Super Bowl gatherings will be everywhere on Sunday and, whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or simply huddling up with friends for a party, you may not even realize all the blitzing and sacking happening off the television. For many, th ...

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​Today, our CEO Aram Benyamin toured the Energy Resource Center’s (ERC) facility to take a first-hand look at the great work they do in our community every day. (In the picture to the right, Howard Brooks, CEO of the Energy Resources Center, shows B ...

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Creating your own weather

Published: 12/5/2018  3:59 PM
​Some say weather affects their mood. I believe that we can create our own weather – like having a sunny attitude on a cloudy day.  In the utilities business, though, creating our own weather isn’t as possible. We can still choose great attitudes, b ...

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Don't Super Bowl blitz your wastewater lines   

Author: Eric  by  Eric  on  2/1/2019

Referee​Super Bowl gatherings will be everywhere on Sunday and, whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or simply huddling up with friends for a party, you may not even realize all the blitzing and sacking happening off the television.

For many, the best part of the day – especially if you don’t have a rooting interest in the game – is the food. Pizza, hot wings, chips and dip, chili, burgers, anything deep fried…you might see it all at one party! But, what happens to all the leftovers or partially eaten food?

Before you slide that guacamole, creamy cheese dip or greasy meat down the disposal in your sink, give it your best ‘Omaha, Omaha’ and call an audible! Anything with fat, oil and grease – and let’s face it, that will be almost everything on Sunday – should not go down the drain.

Fat, oil and grease – or FOG, as we call it – sticks to your pipes like an offensive lineman holds a rushing defensive end. Instead, dump all that wasted deliciousness in the trash. Wipe greasy pots and pans with a paper towel before washing. Pour all that oil from the deep fryer into a can, put it in the freezer and then toss it in the trash.

Let me put it into a football analogy. Pouring FOG down the drain would be similar to seeing your kicker pull his hamstring in the second quarter. Sure, he made the kick and all seems well at the time, but then the fourth quarter rolls around. Your team is in position to win the game, but you don’t have a backup kicker. Mr. Reliable can’t even swing his leg and misses a chip shot. Oh, the agony of a Super Bowl loss.

In this comparison, your kicker is like your wastewater pipes. They’re fine during the Super Bowl though they’re hurting from all that greasy food going down the drain. But then, maybe a few weeks, months or even a year later, after all that fatty food solidifies in a pipe somewhere under your home, and the only backup you have is the wastewater one in your home. Oh, the agony!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy all the wonderful food that is sure to be plentiful this weekend. (To prove it, here’s a link to Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl recipe guide.) Just remember, you may get flagged for unnecessary roughness later if you blitz your pipes on Sunday.

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And, remember, "Flushable" wipes really should not be flushed down the toilet!

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