One month after the Bomb Cyclone

Published: 4/11/2019  12:35 PM
Thank goodness this week’s storm was nowhere near the impact of the one last month. The #BombCyclone that hit us on March 13 made quite an impact on our city. Anyone who has lived in Colorado Springs – even if only for a couple of years – knows to ...

Front Range breaks records

Published: 4/11/2019  9:35 AM
As we integrate more solar energy into our grid in the coming years, some may ask, “How is power generated on cloudy days? Will the community lose power?” To ensure power quality and reliability, our grid operators work tirelessly so that our power ...

Where our water comes from

Published: 4/2/2019  2:53 PM
​If you are like most people, when you turn on the tap to wash your hands, brush your teeth or wash dishes, you never give a second thought to where that water just came from. You never think about the journey those hydrogen and oxygen molecules too ...

Meet some of the dedicated workers who bring us our drinking water

Published: 3/29/2019  8:51 AM
​When you think of dangerous jobs, you probably think of steel workers, roofers, truck drivers, pilots or construction workers. You probably don’t think of employees who work at a water pumping station. But as I discovered first-hand last week, the ...

Largest lineworkers rodeo ever comes to Colorado Springs on March 30

Published: 3/28/2019  9:30 AM
In what is estimated to be the largest national event of its kind, the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Lineworkers Rodeo is coming to Colorado Springs on Saturday, March 30. The event is estimated to bring in more than $1 million to the l ...

Continuing shift to renewables, adding storage

Published: 3/20/2019  3:45 PM
We are finalizing negotiations and, in the coming months, will award a contract for 150 megawatts of new solar generation plus a 25-megawatt battery storage system by the end of 2023. At this time, it is the largest energy storage facility announced ...

Five tips for spring landscape cleanup

Published: 3/20/2019  1:13 PM
​As winter draws to a close, your landscape is beginning to wake up. Even though your plants still look dormant, March is a wonderful time to pull on your gardening gloves and start tackling several yard care tasks. If you do these five things in th ...

APPA Lineworkers Rodeo just one of many ways employee volunteers donate their time to the community

Published: 3/20/2019  9:15 AM
​As more than a thousand competitors and spectators converge on Colorado Springs for the American Public Power Association’s Lineworkers Rodeo on March 30, 115 Colorado Springs Utilities employee volunteers will be working behind the scenes to make ...

From bomb cyclones to rodeo competitions, lineworkers embrace safety, efficiency

Published: 3/19/2019  6:23 PM
​The American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Lineworkers Rodeo is the Olympics of electric linemen – the ultimate test of skill in the profession. Colorado Springs is fortunate to host this year’s event March 29-30. On the heels of the March 12 ...

Lineworkers Rodeo just the beginning for 115 power poles

Published: 3/6/2019  1:57 PM
​On March 30, Colorado Springs will host the American Public Power Association’s Lineworkers Rodeo. The event – which will take place at the Rock Ledge Ranch – will bring in more than 78 lineworker teams, 125 lineworker apprentices, 400 total compet ...

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Water plant upgrades benefit the community   

  by  Ellen T.  on  2/6/2019
More than 45,000 hours of work later, we have made excellent progress on our current water treatment plant upgrade.
We began upgrades to the plant in May 2018 and renamed it shortly thereafter. The Mesa Water Treatment Plant, built in 1942, is now the Phillip H. Tollefson Water Treatment Plant on the Mesa, named for our former CEO and water visionary.
The progress our employees and contractors have made on the plant in the last nine months is incredible. Watch this timelapse video to see nine months of hard work condensed into 12 seconds.
Last Thursday, CEO Aram Benyamin joined members of the Utilities Board and other employees on a tour of the plant to see construction progress.
This $30+ million dollar project will enhance the facility's performance and efficiency in treating drinking water for our community. It is expected to come online in 2020.
The scope of the overall project includes:
  • Reconfiguration of the solids drying beds
  • Construction of a new main pretreatment building
  • Construction of two small auxiliary buildings
  • Construction of a new raw water vault
Led by Jeff Daniel and Lisa Hagerman, the tour group saw the construction progress for the new polymer system, the new main pretreatment building and the new finished water vault. They also viewed 3D renderings of the designs for the new raw water vault and pretreatment basins. The solids drying beds are complete.
Did you know that our original pretreatment facilities were in use for more than 75 years prior to this upgrade? New indoor pretreatment facilities offer significant benefits including reduced chemical use and improved control and performance.

This plant upgrade is a good business decision. Tollefson Water Treatment Plant provides our lowest cost drinking water. A great team continues to work tirelessly to ensure good stewardship of this financial investment.
We do not embark on projects on this magnitude often. Utilities Board members showed enthusiasm and support for the project. They understand the overall benefit this provides to our community.
Fun fact: Over 45,000 hours of work have gone into this upgrade already, with a good safety record.




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