New Energy Vision adopted

Published: 6/18/2019  12:37 PM
​Energy Vision:Provide resilient, reliable and cost-effective energy that is environmentally sustainable, reduces our carbon footprint and uses proven state-of-the-art technologies to enhance our quality of life for generations to come. This is our ...

Turning commodes into roads

Published: 6/17/2019  2:43 PM
Saving water and reusing materials for the benefit of all customers Colorado Springs Utilities employees are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save our customers money. One of the most creative ideas I'd ever heard of came about in ...

Cool tips to beat the heat and save energy

Published: 6/10/2019  9:21 AM
This summer, we want to help you stay cool and save energy. Here are a few low-cost/no cost ideas that everyone can do today to be comfortable all summer long. Tips for keeping cool and saving energy 1. Drafts aren’t just a cold-weather concern. T ...

How to get your best summer landscape

Published: 6/6/2019  1:58 PM
It’s no secret that the weather in the Pikes Peak region is unpredictable. If you haven’t yet put away your winter sweaters, you’re aware this spring has been cooler and wetter than normal. It can be tempting to forget about your landscape now that ...

Credit rating increase benefits all customers

Published: 5/30/2019  3:52 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities customers have something new to cheer about: this week S&P Global Ratings (Standard & Poor’s) issued a credit upgrade for Springs Utilities from AA to AA+. Why should our customers care? Because our “credit score ...

Helping our youth become water-wise citizens

Published: 5/21/2019  3:20 PM
Fourth graders in Colorado Springs School District 11 will have a new appreciation for our water, and how it gets from “snowflake to tap” after spending time immersed in water education at the Pikes Peak Children’s Water Festival on Friday, May 17. ...

Community input drives Energy Vision

Published: 5/20/2019  2:48 PM
​One of the many benefits of a community owned utility is that you have a voice in the decisions made through public participation. This holds true with the development of our Energy Vision. The new Energy Vision will be our guiding principles that ...

Spring cleaning tips for inside the home

Published: 5/6/2019  3:22 PM
​While the weather this week doesn't exactly feel May-like -- even for Colorado -- it is a good time to tackle some spring cleaning projects inside your house that can help you save you money and use resources more efficiently.Here are a few tips: ...

Four tips for successful spring planting

Published: 5/6/2019  1:49 PM
Spring is in the air. The allure of beautiful plants can cause serious impulse shopping, but before you spend big bucks on plants that look great today, think through how you’ll set the stage for their long-term success. Here are four key considerat ...

Celebrating the men and women who provide our water during Drinking Water Week

Published: 5/2/2019  8:13 AM
​Drinking Water Week is a great opportunity to celebrate and focus on the men and women that provide safe, reliable and high-quality drinking water to our homes, businesses, and schools. Recently I traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Associa ...

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One month after the Bomb Cyclone   

Author: Eric  by  Eric  on  4/11/2019

Bomb CycloneThank goodness this week’s storm was nowhere near the impact of the one last month. The #BombCyclone that hit us on March 13 made quite an impact on our city.

Anyone who has lived in Colorado Springs – even if only for a couple of years – knows to expect anything during Springtime in the Rockies. Mother Nature never seems to disappoint, and last month was no exception.

Storm details

Here’s a brief recap of what we experienced a month ago, from a Utilities perspective.

  • On March 13, a little more than 50,000 customers experienced an outage of some kind. By midnight, all but 2,800 customers were back in service.
  • By midnight on March 14, all but 1,200 customers were restored.
  • By midnight on March 15, only 30 customers remained without power.
  • All customers were back in service by 4 a.m. March 16.
  • During the storm, more than 100 orders were sent out for damage assessment.
  • More than 125 instances of trees in power lines were resolved.
  • For those 3 days, we received nearly 700 orders for outages or hazards.

In addition to restoring utility service, we also dispatched 4 employees as 2 Search and Rescue teams in support of the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management.


During the storm, we responded to 2 carbon monoxide calls that provide a good safety reminder for all customers.

1. If you have any natural gas burning appliances that vent out the side of your house and not the roof, make sure snow doesn’t drift over those vents.

2. If you use a generator to power appliances in your home, like a refrigerator, be sure to place the generator far enough away from the home to keep exhaust from entering the home. That includes not placing a generator inside a garage or covered porch.

Let’s hope the baby bomb this week was the last hint of a winter storm we see this spring. But, if it’s not, you know we’ll be here, there and everywhere restoring service as quickly and safely as we can.


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