Three reasons you need a rain sensor

Published: 8/7/2019  2:19 PM
​August weather can be unpredictable, alternating between 90-degree weather and monsoon thunderstorms. With the bustle of school starting and late summer routine changes, it’s a challenge to turn your sprinkler system off every time it rains-- not t ...

Smart technology powers the home of the future

Published: 7/30/2019  1:48 PM
We’re partnering with Classic Homes for the 2019 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes to showcase the parade’s smartest home yet, and to learn how smart technology will power the future.You can join us for a special 'Ask the Experts' tour with our energ ...

Innovative partnership protects 11,000 acres of critical watershed

Published: 7/23/2019  9:20 AM
​On July 23 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to continue our partnership with the U.S. Forest Service Region 2 Office and the Colorado State Forest Service to fund critical forest management and wildfire risk mitigation projects in area ...

Water outlook after 6 months

Published: 7/18/2019  2:15 PM
I love summer. Call me crazy, but I love the hot, dry weather. If you’re like me, the weather in June frustrated you to no end! While the weather didn’t do my disposition any favors, it did do wonders for our water supply. June’s weather brought t ...

Top 10 tips to keep cool this summer

Published: 7/17/2019  1:36 PM
​As temperatures rise and we transition from the cooler months into summer, you can take some easy steps to keep an attractive landscape and a comfortable home while using energy and water wisely. These 10 tips will help you reduce overall electric ...

AMI vendor contract signed

Published: 7/16/2019  1:02 PM
After months of evaluating proposals and contract negotiations, we have signed a contract with Landis + Gyr to update our end-of-life Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system with an enhanced Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. As part of th ...

Hundreds attend Efficiency Expo

Published: 7/9/2019  11:01 AM
​The fifth annual Efficiency Expo welcomed approximately 400 people to the Conservation and Environmental Center on Saturday, June 22. Visitors had a chance to meet with staff and participate at 25 stations to discover efficiency tips that can help ...

Five tips to reduce yardwork

Published: 7/3/2019  2:15 PM
​Are you dreaming about getting out of town for summer vacation, but don’t want to neglect your yard? You’re not alone. After putting major effort into spring landscaping, most people like to turn to other activities for the summer. Unless you have ...

New Energy Vision adopted

Published: 6/18/2019  12:37 PM
​Energy Vision:Provide resilient, reliable and cost-effective energy that is environmentally sustainable, reduces our carbon footprint and uses proven state-of-the-art technologies to enhance our quality of life for generations to come. This is our ...

Turning commodes into roads

Published: 6/17/2019  2:43 PM
Saving water and reusing materials for the benefit of all customers Colorado Springs Utilities employees are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save our customers money. One of the most creative ideas I'd ever heard of came about in ...

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How to get your best summer landscape   

  by  Catherine Moravec  on  6/6/2019

Water Wise LandscapeIt’s no secret that the weather in the Pikes Peak region is unpredictable. If you haven’t yet put away your winter sweaters, you’re aware this spring has been cooler and wetter than normal. It can be tempting to forget about your landscape now that summer vacations are around the corner. However, giving your yard some extra attention will help it transition successfully into the heat of mid-summer. Here are four tips to get you started:

1. Watch the weather and water accordingly. As temperatures increase and the sun comes out, make sure you increase the number of days you water your landscape. It’s easy to quickly get behind on watering, which, before you know it, can cause wilting, drought stress and brown spots. If you were watering less often this spring, now is the time to monitor the forecast and change your irrigation schedule as your plants’ water needs increase. Watering consistently (up to three days per week) is one of the best ways to grow a healthy lawn and landscape. Consider installing a smart controller or reviewing this fact sheet​ to learn more.

2. Mow your lawn when it’s dry. In Colorado, we’re lucky that most lawn insects and diseases don’t thrive here due to the low humidity. However, the lawn fungus known as Ascochyta leaf blight shows up when the weather changes rapidly from cool and wet to hot and dry conditions. The good news is that Ascochyta is easy to prevent. Simply mow your lawn when it’s dry so the fungal spores aren’t spread by your mower. Also, water your lawn consistently as the weather warms up to prevent drought stress. Drought-stressed lawns are more susceptible to Ascochyta infection.

3. Make sure your rain sensor is working. Rain sensors are simple devices that add on to your existing sprinkler system controller. They prevent your sprinklers from running when it rains. Residents that have rain sensors have saved a lot of money on their water bill this spring. If you don’t have one, consider adding either a wired or wireless rain sensor to your sprinkler system. Colorado Springs Utilities offers a fantastic rebate​, which can help offset the cost of purchasing one.

4. Stop by the Water Wise Demonstration Garden. June is a great month to plant trees, shrubs and flowers. If you’re looking for inspiration, the Demonstration Garden located at the Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Rd., can be a helpful place to find attractive plant combinations and see plants at their mature size. Because of the cool weather this year, many species are blooming longer than normal. Pay us a visit during daylight hours to see the amazing flower display!

By putting a little extra effort into your landscape now, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer long.

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