Water wiser this summer

Published: 5/6/2020  9:45 AM
​May is the perfect month to nail down your summer watering strategy and program your sprinkler system to deliver the right amount of water to your plants. By watering wisely, your lawn and landscape will thrive. Using water wisely means using it f ...

Demand Control Strategies During Load Step Changes

Published: 4/30/2020  9:43 AM
​Energy management isn’t always about energy, but it is always about dollars. For some business customers, demand charges dominate the bill, especially when large demands occur for short periods of time. When short-term demands are increasing deman ...

Work progresses on long-term energy plans, selection to occur this summer

Published: 4/24/2020  6:10 PM
​These unprecedented times have drastically changed our daily lives. While we continue to address the challenges associated with COVID-19, our top priority is the delivery of safe and reliable utility services. To better serve you in the future, we ...

Deal named Chief Energy Services Officer

Published: 4/22/2020  11:02 AM
Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Aram Benyamin recently named Travas Deal as Chief Energy Services Officer. Deal joined Colorado Springs Utilities in 2017 as Field Services Manager and was quickly recognized for his management expertise and knowledge ...

More help in sight for small businesses as Colorado Springs Utilities contributes $92,500 to Survive & Thrive COS

Published: 4/16/2020  2:50 PM
​Relief for Colorado Springs small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak is earning another infusion of financial support, with Colorado Springs Utilities contributing $92,500 to the Survive & Thrive COS recovery fund. The decision to ex ...

Pandemic or not, April is a busy season for digging and the locators who make our landscaping projects possible

Published: 4/16/2020  9:41 AM
​With the weather getting warmer and a worldwide pandemic confining many of us to our homes, spring landscaping projects are likely in full swing. Chances are these projects will require digging, either with a shovel or something more powerful. So, ...

Reducing our carbon footprint with more solar energy

Published: 4/14/2020  2:28 PM
Even as we address challenges associated with COVID-19, work continues to support our Energy Vision. Today we celebrate the commissioning of our latest renewable energy project called Palmer Solar. Take a bird's eye view of the project. We'll purc ...

Giving back to the community: Help with housing

Published: 4/8/2020  9:09 AM
During this difficult time that no one could have ever predicted, we’ve all been doing the best we can just to get by. The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives: from the way we interact with others (or don’t) to our jobs, scho ...

Protecting critical utility workers

Published: 4/3/2020  12:48 PM
​Like you, we are closely monitoring and responding to the growing health crisis. Our top priority is to continue delivering essential utility services to our community. To do this, we are making sure our employees remain healthy, safe and secure.  ...

​​​​Providing reliable service in uncertain times

Published: 3/31/2020  2:35 PM
As we continue to respond to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, I want to update you on what we’ve been doing to achieve our mission of delivering safe and reliable utility services. Nothing is more important to me than the health and safety of our ...

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How to get your best summer landscape   

  by  Catherine Moravec  on  6/6/2019

Water Wise LandscapeIt’s no secret that the weather in the Pikes Peak region is unpredictable. If you haven’t yet put away your winter sweaters, you’re aware this spring has been cooler and wetter than normal. It can be tempting to forget about your landscape now that summer vacations are around the corner. However, giving your yard some extra attention will help it transition successfully into the heat of mid-summer. Here are four tips to get you started:

1. Watch the weather and water accordingly. As temperatures increase and the sun comes out, make sure you increase the number of days you water your landscape. It’s easy to quickly get behind on watering, which, before you know it, can cause wilting, drought stress and brown spots. If you were watering less often this spring, now is the time to monitor the forecast and change your irrigation schedule as your plants’ water needs increase. Watering consistently (up to three days per week) is one of the best ways to grow a healthy lawn and landscape. Consider installing a smart controller or reviewing this fact sheet​ to learn more.

2. Mow your lawn when it’s dry. In Colorado, we’re lucky that most lawn insects and diseases don’t thrive here due to the low humidity. However, the lawn fungus known as Ascochyta leaf blight shows up when the weather changes rapidly from cool and wet to hot and dry conditions. The good news is that Ascochyta is easy to prevent. Simply mow your lawn when it’s dry so the fungal spores aren’t spread by your mower. Also, water your lawn consistently as the weather warms up to prevent drought stress. Drought-stressed lawns are more susceptible to Ascochyta infection.

3. Make sure your rain sensor is working. Rain sensors are simple devices that add on to your existing sprinkler system controller. They prevent your sprinklers from running when it rains. Residents that have rain sensors have saved a lot of money on their water bill this spring. If you don’t have one, consider adding either a wired or wireless rain sensor to your sprinkler system. Colorado Springs Utilities offers a fantastic rebate​, which can help offset the cost of purchasing one.

4. Stop by the Water Wise Demonstration Garden. June is a great month to plant trees, shrubs and flowers. If you’re looking for inspiration, the Demonstration Garden located at the Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Rd., can be a helpful place to find attractive plant combinations and see plants at their mature size. Because of the cool weather this year, many species are blooming longer than normal. Pay us a visit during daylight hours to see the amazing flower display!

By putting a little extra effort into your landscape now, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor all summer long.

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