Planning for Future Water Supply

Published: 9/21/2020  1:30 PM
We’ve come a long way since the 1800s when we were providing water to citizens through a series of ditches while planning to bring water to town from Pikes Peak. Today we have a complex water system, including 25 reservoirs and pipelines that stretc ...

Signed Agreement for One of the Largest Battery Storage Projects in State

Published: 9/16/2020  9:11 AM
​We have signed a power purchase agreement for a 175-megawatt (MW) solar project coupled with a 25 MW, four-hour battery energy storage system with Boulder-based juwi Inc.. The 25-MW battery storage system will be one of the largest in Colorado. “T ...

Fall watering for a healthy lawn and landscape

Published: 9/4/2020  12:18 PM
​It’s been hot and dry all summer. During extreme weather conditions, it’s especially important to care for your landscape as fall arrives. Investing in fall care tasks can help your lawn and landscape survive the winter, which protects your investm ...

Rafters, recreationalists and utilities rejoice over reconnected river section

Published: 9/4/2020  11:52 AM
We recently partnered with Aurora Water to reconnect a section of the Arkansas River, benefiting water customers, rafters and recreationalists. The Homestake Arkansas River Diversion project delivers Eagle River Basin water through Homestake, Turqu ...

When the leaves are falling, weatherization is calling

Published: 9/1/2020  1:12 PM
As September is upon us, those 90-degree days are a thing of the past (hopefully). Before the frigid temperatures kick-in, we want to suggest several ways to increase energy and water efficiency to keep families safe and comfortable while shrinking ...

Top 10 Reasons Customers Don't Contact 811 Before Digging

Published: 8/10/2020  2:57 PM
​In honor of National 811 Day (8/11), I want to remind everyone of the importance of calling 811 or visiting before starting any digging project. 811 is the national number designated by the Federal Communications Commission to preve ...

Successful 2020 bond issue

Published: 8/4/2020  3:16 PM
Recently, we successfully issued new money and refunding bonds, selling $251.7 million in Refunding (2020 A/2020B) bonds and $85.4 million in New Money Utilities Systems Improvement Revenue (2020C) bonds. “We are extremely pleased with the pricing ...

​Blue-green Algae found at Pikeview Reservoir

Published: 8/1/2020  11:07 AM
Pikeview Reservoir, a popular fishing lake in central Colorado Springs and part of our water system, recently tested positive for blue-green algae.  While the reservoir is still safe for fishing, humans and pets are prohibited from entering the wate ...

The best native plants for your landscape

Published: 7/30/2020  1:11 PM
If you’re looking for flowers and shrubs that can tolerate hot, dry conditions with grace, take a look at our foothills landscape in the Water-wise Neighborhood of our Demonstration Garden. This garden showcases native plants that thrive when temper ...

Colorado Springs now powered by wind

Published: 7/22/2020  9:39 AM
Only days after we announced our plan to reduce carbon emissions by 80% and close our coal power plants by 2030, we added wind power to our portfolio. For the next five years, Colorado Springs will receive 60 megawatts of renewable energy from two ...

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Six steps for your healthiest lawn   

  by  Catherine M.  on  6/3/2020

landscapeEnjoying a healthy, green lawn is a hallmark of Colorado summers. If you’re planning to install a new lawn this summer, here are six steps to help your project succeed.

1. Prepare the soil. Smart soil preparation is one of the best things you can do to help your lawn thrive. Colorado soils are naturally low in organic matter, the dark mat1erial that creates the rich, fertile soil found in wetter climates. Turfgrass grows best in soils that have 3-5% organic matter, while our native soils only contain 1-2%. To increase the soil organic matter to the ideal level, rototill a good quality soil amendment 4 to 6 inches deep into your soil before installing sod or seed. Soil amendments help the soil hold more moisture between watering days, which lessens drought stress. It also helps your new grass grow a deep, healthy root system.

2. Know the different products available. Soil amendments play a different role than fertilizers, fill soil, or soil replacements. Landscape suppliers sell many different materials, but only amendments high in organic matter will hold more water in the soil. Topsoil and tri-mix are not soil amendments and are best used when an area needs additional soil.

3. Keep your receipts if you’re planting sod, turfgrass seed or a non-native grass seed mix. You'll need to submit these when you apply for an establishment permit. (More on that in step four.) Because soil amendments are so effective at improving soil’s ability to hold moisture, it’s required to till enough of an approved amendment into the soil before planting non-native sod or grass seed. If you know the square footage of your new lawn, the establishment permit application will help you calculate the amount you need. 

4. Get an establishment permit. New water-wise rules are here, and this allows you to temporarily water new sod or seed during the day, and more than three days a week. It’s valid for 28 days for sod and 42 days for seed projects. Check the permit’s requirements before starting your project. You can apply online or by email at and there is no charge for the permit.

5. Set your watering schedule. New sod or seed needs to be watered multiple times per day. As its root system grows stronger, it can be watered less often. Our suggested watering schedule can help you get started. 

6. Make a plan for long-term watering and lawn care. Once your establishment permit has expired, it’s important to water to maximize your new lawn’s health. We've got you covered with tips and resources, including seasonal lawn watering guidelines, a suggested lawn watering schedule and lawn care tips.

Amending your soil is a key step to creating a water-wise lawn that you’ll enjoy for years to come. To help you be well-prepared for success, email us at with questions or visit our Water Wise Rules page.


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