2019 Commercial & Industrial base rates

 2019 Commercial & Industrial base rates

Base rates support the operations and maintenance expenditures necessary to continue to provide safe and reliable utility services. City Council unanimously approved changes to 2019 base rates at their meeting Nov. 13, 2018.

Most commercial and industrial (C&I) customers will experience changes to base rates for wastewater and water services. Customers in the variety of rate classes designed for business customers will experience differing changes, as their rates are adjusted to be better aligned with the proportionate cost to serve them.

Typical C&I bill changes are outlined in charts at the bottom of this page. To calculate how the proposed changes may affect you, use our online bill calculator.

  • There are no rate changes for electricity and natural gas service.
  • A 0.1 percent decrease to non-residential wastewater rates was approved.  Rates for contract service - military and outstide City Limits -- were apprvoed and will rise 1.6 percent. 
  • Water rate increase for non-residential customers is 5.8 percent.
  • Nonpotable water is increasing 11.4 percent.

Changes to the Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments were implemented Nov. 1, 2018.



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