Wastewater System Plan

 Wastewater System Plan

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​The Wastewater System Plan (WWSP) is a planning document that evaluates all components of Colorado Springs Utilities’ wastewater system that includes collection, conveyance and resource recovery (previously referred to as wastewater treatment) infrastructure at a high level to enable us to strategically plan for, prioritize, and fund projects and programs that support established levels of service.

The plan includes recommendations for projects and programs, both capital, and operation and maintenance, based on short-term and long-term needs through analysis and evaluations performed and documented within the WWSP. One of the key aspects of the WWSP is to assess capacities for major wastewater system components for current and projected system flows and loads. The capacity assessment guides investment for the Wastewater System.

The most recent WWSP was finalized in 2008. In 2019, we intend to finalize the next version of the plan.

Public Process

As a community-owned utility, we welcome feedback from our customers and stakeholders.  The public comment period for the 2019 Draft WWSP is open through 3 p.m. April 12, 2019. Use the links to the right, to review the 2019 draft WWSP and provide feedback.