AMR opt out program

AMR opt out program

If a customer elects to opt out of our AMR program, we will exchange the customer’s AMR meters with non-automated meters or remove the AMR module.

Participation in the program requires:

  • An initial $109 setup charge
  • The customer to provide their meter reads for each of the first two months of each calendar quarter (e.g., January/February, April/May, etc.). We will manually read the meters in the last month of each quarter.
  • The customer to pay a $20 meter read charge for the month when we manually read the meters

Benefits of automated reads
Smart grid enables significant operational efficiencies and improvements in the area of grid reliability, outage notification and availability of renewable energy. The opportunities the meter data can provide customers such as time of use rates and usage information will empower customers to make choices about how they use energy and water resources efficiently and to enjoy more cost-effective customer services.

Health concerns: RF emissions
RF emissions are transmitted throughout the day by many commonly used devices such as microwave ovens, cordless and cellular telephones, wireless computers, wireless baby monitors, garage door openers, and Wi-Fi computer networks. Smart Meters communicate in much the same way. The RF emissions produced by Smart Meters is extremely small in comparison to the RF emissions from other commonly used devices.

Radio-Frequency Levels from various sources in microwatts per square centimeter (µW/cm2)1

Source​ Power density (µW/cm2)​ Distance​ Time​
Cell phone 1-5​ At ear​ During call​
Cell phone base station​ 0.000005 - 0.002 Tens to a few thousand feet​ Constant​
Microwave ovens​ 5 2 inches​ During use​
WiFi Networks​ ​0.0002 - 0.001 3 feet​ Constant when nearby​
Smart meters​ ​0.0001 (250 @ 1% duty cycle) 3 feet​ When in proximity during transmission​
Smart meters ​0.0000009 (250 @ 1% duty cycle) 10 feet​ When in proximity during transmission​

1 “Radio-Frequency Exposure Levels from Smart Meters: A Case Study of One Model,” Electric Power Research Institute, February, 2011.

2 Microwave exposure is often measured in units of “microwatts per square centimeter” (µW/cm2), referred to as the “power density.” From the source, microwaves extend in all directions, forming an imaginary sphere. The energy on a given square centimeter of the sphere at a particular distance is the power density at that distance.

Data privacy concerns
We maintain strong data privacy practices as a normal course of doing business and have a high regard for customer privacy. The data collected from the meter is only the meter’s ID number and utilities usage. We collect and use the meter information internally for business purposes such as customer billing, starting and stopping service, and detecting water leaks.

We also use meter data to evaluate transformers, perform capacity planning, and provide customers with services such as net metering, pick my payment date, my usage and special-use rates.