AMR opt out frequently asked questions

 AMR opt out frequently asked questions

Who can opt out of the AMR program? How do I opt out?
The opt out program applies to customers with a residential service rate. Certain eligibility criteria must also be met. In some cases, a customer's opt out request may be declined or discontinued due to impact to other customers or Colorado Springs Utilities operations.

All customers requesting to opt-out of AMR are required to complete an opt out service agreement form. Upon receipt of a completed form, we will perform a review to determine if the customer meets the eligibility criteria.

Are there costs associated with electing to opt out of the AMR program?
A one-time, initial setup charge per residence of $109 to cover the cost of changing and reconfiguring the electric, natural gas and water meters.

A meter reading fee per residence of $20 is assessed once a quarter to cover the cost of manual meter reads.
The opt-out initial charge and the meter read fees are added to your utilities billing statement. If you would like to opt-out for other residences on your account, the initial setup charge and the meter read fee will apply to each additional household.

Why do I have to pay to opt out of the AMR program?
Our standard for metering is now AMR equipment, which has been reviewed and approved by the Colorado Springs Utilities Board. We determined that the costs for non-standard service should be paid by those customers who choose the non-standard service. The opt out charges cover the costs of removing and reconfiguring the AMR equipment and a quarterly site visit to manually collect meter reads from the non-automated utility meters.

Once I opt-out, what will change?
We will visit the premise and exchange the electric meter for a solid state electric meter that has the radio frequency (RF) communication transmitter disabled. The natural gas module will be replaced with a module that has the mother board and battery removed; and the water module will be replaced with a non-automated touch pad. By rendering the automated components inoperable, our personnel must visit the premise once each calendar quarter to read the meters.

Please note: Customers who elect to opt out of the AMR program are not be eligible to participate in automated metering services (e.g. View Daily Usage, Load Profile, My Usage, Net Metering, etc.).

Are other utility companies offering this option?
Yes. We have researched the opt out practices of other utilities and monitored events across the country. Our opt out program follows the best practices that have been developed by other utilities. The average national opt out participation rate is 0.006% and Colorado utilities are currently averaging 0.005%.

Will rates be affected by this program?
This may occur only if an opt out program is implemented with no fees to cover the costs. We will monitor opt out costs and impacts to overall rates.

Why do the electric, natural gas and water meters look the same as they did before the automated equipment was removed?
The same standard meter types are used to measure consumption, the only difference is the RF transmitting module in each meter has either been removed or disabled.

Once a customer opts out, will there still be RF frequency in/around their home?
Yes. In today's hi-tech world, RF is emitted from wireless routers, cell phones, microwaves, baby monitors, etc. Additionally, any RF being emitted from communication towers or other meters in the area are also in the environment at all times.

Once a customer opts out, can they opt back into automated meter reading?
If you opt-out, you are responsible for the associated fees incurred. If you opt out of the AMR program and then change your mind, the fees are not refundable.

Any customer that opts out, but subsequently elects to opt back in, will not incur any charges or fees to have the AMR equipment placed back in service. Customers may opt back into the AMR program by calling 448-4800.