Average comparison tool

 Average comparison tool

The average comparison graph allows customers to better understand how their energy and water use compares to other customers in the same zip code and rate class. It's important to remember each customer’s average use depends on a range of factors including the size and age of the home/appliances, the number of people in the home, outdoor landscaping requirements, etc.

Some items to be aware of:

  • Only residential customers have comparison graphs. This feature is not available for business accounts.
  • The average daily use is based on the time frame selected in My Usage. The comparisons are compiled by the same weeks that fall into that period.
  • Regardless of a customer's residential rate, the comparison data only shows the high, average and low for customers on E1R, G1R and/or W-R rate class.
  • Graphs only display when there are at least 100 meters to compare within a zip code, which allows us to protect personal customer consumption habits.

How are the averages calculated?
Electric, natural gas and water consumption are combined by week to provide the average (mean) use by zip code. The low, average and high ranges are identified by markers on the scale. The graph offers a general view of the average customer in the same zip code to compare consumption against other users. (Colorado Springs Utilities protects the privacy of each customer and does not reveal the identities or specific use of any customer.)

Sample average comparison chart
My Usage compares the bulk data for the following residential rate classes:

  • Electric: E1R
  • Natural gas: G1R
  • Water: W-R

On a daily basis, a program retrieves residential cumulative readings from our automated meter reading system. The program averages the readings together by zip code, rate class and week.