Fall State of Utilities

Join Eric Tharp, Interim Chief Executive Officer, and the officer team, to discuss key issues facing Utilities and the potential impact to your business.

Date: Friday, September 14
Time: 8 to 10 a.m.
Location: Leon Young Service Center, 1521 Hancock Expressway

Pre-registration is encouraged for timely entrance to the workshop.

  • Cloud Cannon

    ​It's that time of year again that makes most kids depressed...back to school!

    All around the region, kids have either already headed back to school or will be very shortly. Which makes this a great time to remind teachers, organization leaders and others about the educational opportunities we offer.

    • Facility tours - Go behind the scenes to see how we produce electricity or deliver water to your home or business.
    • Presentations - From safety demonstrations to cloud cannons, we've got something for every age group.
    • Kits & activities - Reinforce classroom topics with fun activities and educational resources.

    Remember to slow down in those school zones and take the opportunity to learn more about your community-owned utility.

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