Business Efficiency Tips

 Business Efficiency Tips

business efficiency

With unprecedented changes to daily operations, businesses may need to take quick actions. Here are some quick tips to consider for facility and equipment adjustments.

Water Tips

Property Managers: Log onto your account and monitor your daily consumption with My Usage. Look for any unusual usage that may indicate water leaks or other inefficiencies. Check automatic sensors on faucets, toilets and urinals to ensure they are operating properly and avoid unnecessary water use.

Large Commercial: Monitor cooling tower and boiler water chemistry to minimize the mineral buildup in the system and maximize the number of times water can be recycled through the system.

Restaurants & Lodging: We provide free, high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchens. WaterSense® spray valves could save you $325 to $500 per year in total utility costs. Maximize the efficiency of food disposal systems, or equipment that relies on a boiler—such as combination ovens, steam kettles and steam cookers—to use significantly less water.

Commercial Landscapes: As your water needs increase outdoors, remember that monthly maintenance checks to fix leaks and adjust heads along with proper scheduling will save money.

Energy Tips

General Facility

  • Shut down systems that serve unoccupied zones.
  • Close window blinds to limit temperature fluctuations.
  • Turn off exterior signage if the business is closed.
  • Make sure all security systems are powered.

HVAC & Lighting

  • Shut down HVAC systems at vacated facilities without critical equipment.
  • Program HVAC economizers to close when air systems are off.
  • Turn off non-emergency lighting in unoccupied zones with manual switches.
  • Dim or shut down portions of lights if no manual controls exist.

Refrigeration & Other Equipment

  • Consolidate and turn off empty refrigeration systems.
  • Reduce refrigeration runtime to nighttime only if concerned about completely turning off.
  • Turn off lights in empty refrigeration cases.
  • Turn off all equipment from the plug strip or wall outlet.