Classroom kits, activities & worksheets

 Classroom kits, activities & worksheets

Classroom kits, activities & worksheets are terrific tools to reinforce learning in the classroom. 

Water conservation activities


Water Conservation Wizard Student Workbook

Become a Water Conservation Wizard by calculating water savings a typical family can achieve by changing indoor water use habits and upgrading to efficient fixtures.

  • Targeted grades: 5th - 8th

Students take action by completing the classroom toilet leak test challenge. The classroom kit we've created includes workbooks, shower timers and a toilet leak test for each student. Download an electronic version of the workbook and the answer key. Contact us today to request your kit.​

Water Warriors Activity Book

Students can learn about water conservation, the water cycle, stormwater and the importance of protecting water in our environment with Dewey, our water mascot, and the fun Water Warriors Activity Book. Print your own or request copies for your class.
  • Targeted grades: 1st – 5th

WaterSense Activity Page

Download the EPA's WaterSense Activity Page for a fun way to learn water savings techniques.

  • Targeted grades: 1st – 5th

Fix a Leak Week Teacher's Guide

Help your students appreciate the value of water with these lesson plans from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed for Fix a Leak Week. Download student worksheets and a teacher’s guide.


Water cycle activities


The Hydrologic Cycle

Visit Enchanted Learning's website and reinforce the water cycle with printable water cycle diagrams, a reader’s theater and quizzes.

  • Targeted grades: 2nd – 5th

The Water Cycle

Fill in a water cycle diagram provided by the USGS.

  • Targeted grades: 5th – 8th


Classroom kits

Classroom kits are available for a free two-week check-out to teachers and schools within our service territory. (D-2, D-8, D-11, D-12, D-20, D-49)

Kits include all consumables.

Send an email to reserve your kit. Kits can be picked up and returned to the Conservation & Environmental Center at 2855 Mesa Road, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thank you for returning kits within two weeks of check-out so others may experience them.

Water Education Kit

Water Education Kit

Contents include:

  • Around the Water Cycle: Readers Theater – Students have parts as water drops; includes reader’s theater scripts.
  • Cloud in a Bottle Kit – Reinforce evaporation and condensation by creating a cloud inside a bottle; includes foot pump, pump adaptor, clear bottle, isopropyl alcohol, safety glasses, and activity guide.
  • Fire Runoff experiment – See the difference between runoff from a natural forest soil verses a burned area; includes 1 soil sample from burned forest, 1 soil sample from unburned forest, 6 cups, extra ash, data sheets, pH paper, 1 total dissolved solids meter, activity guide.
  • Get to Know Your H2O – learn about water on Earth and our local water source.
  • Incredible Water Drop Journey – Pretend to be a water drop going through the water cycle and residing in different mediums; includes station ids, cubes/dice, pipe cleaners, colored beads, student journey, activity guide.
  • Insta-Snow – Learn about snow pack, water content of snow and evaporation while having fun with polymers.
  • Water Availability Skit – Students demonstrate the amount of fresh, available water on Earth.
  • Water Cycle Inside a Balloon – Show evaporation, condensation and precipitation inside a clear balloon; includes candle with holder, lighter, clear balloons, water cycle poster, funnel, activity guide.
  • Water Properties Experiment Table – Supplies and instructions to set up six different water property experiments on one table for students to conduct on their own; includes plates, pipettes, blue dye, cups, paperclips, pins, paper towels, index cards, glass jars, pennies.
  • Water Rights Trading game –students buy and sell water rights using poker chips and play money; includes poker chips, play money, user cards, jelly beans.
  • Water Trivia Flash Cards – Test your student’s knowledge about various worldwide and local water facts.

Fire & Flooding Kit

Fire & Flooding Kit

Contents include:

  • Activity Guide with step-by-step procedures for conducting run-off and testing experiments.
  • Flash drive with PowerPoint presentation
  • Program outline and script
  • 6 Run-off experiment sets – includes trays, unburned soil samples, burned soil samples, cups, paper towels, extra ash to refill between experiments. 
  • 6 pH paper sets
  • 6 Total dissolved solids (conductivity) meters
  • Extra batteries
  • Data sheets

Teacher Resource Guide

The water activities teacher guide is a compilation of water-related activities from teachers, other water organizations and our own experiments specifically selected for their ease of implementation in the classroom, effectiveness at reinforcing academic concepts and leaving a meaningful impact on students. Request your hard copy to be mailed today (while supplies last).

  • Targeted grades: 2nd - 8th

Electric & Natural Gas Safety

Electric safety homework sheet


Natural gas homework sheet