Your nose knows! - Natural gas safety

 Your nose knows! - Natural gas safety

3rd - 5th grade students

Our professionals discuss the origins of natural gas from fossils, the natural gas system and how it is used in our homes today. A simulator and flame is used to demonstrate a controlled natural gas explosion. The presentation has an emphasis on the three S's of natural gas safety: sight, smell and sound; as well as actions to take if students detect natural gas in their home or school.

Presentation inquiry activities, vocabulary and content are designed to align with Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards and are adjusted for each grade level. Interactive activities, discussion and questions are incorporated and safety materials are distributed.

The presentation is 50 minutes with a minimum class size of 15 and a maximum of 60. Multiple presentation sessions are available. The demonstration requires a 10-foot space to set up a table. Program emphasizes the third through fifth grade Comprehensive Health standard to apply personal safety knowledge and skills to prevent unintentional injury.

Grade specific emphasis:

3rd grade – States of matter, personal safety knowledge, injury prevention
4th grade – Physical science, forms of energy, personal safety and injury prevention
5th grade – Earth systems science, non-renewable energy, injury prevention

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