Community event information booths

Community event information booths


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Community Even Information Booths

For the health and safety of our community, we have cancelled all events and presentations through Aug. 31, 2020.

Community event information booths are a great way to get the latest and most accurate information about your community-owned utility. Our speakers are available to present at your school's family night or education/safety fair to share important information about current issues, energy and water use, safety, the environment and other topics.

Choose from one of the topics below or select “other” to request information on other utilities topics. Staffing for community events is dependent on resource availability.

To request our participation at your event (minimum group size of 100) complete a Community Event Request Form.

Community events topics

General Utilities Information
Interested in learning more about the many challenges facing Colorado Springs Utilities and our community? Information in this booth helps our customers stay on top of important topics and learn more about programs that are currently offered. We share the latest news and information about issues affecting our locally-owned utilities.

Electric Safety
Experienced professionals use a live electric demonstration board to illustrate the complex electrical infrastructure of Colorado Springs Utilities and show how the safe use of electricity can affect all aspects of our daily activities. This demonstration is an excellent complement to safety meetings for community contractors or anyone who wants to know more about electricity and how to be safe around it. Access to an electrical outlet is required.

Natural Gas Safety
Recognizing danger is key to taking action that could protect you, your family, home, or business. This demonstration features a natural gas explosion and also informs about the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to respond to an emergency. The presentation can be customized for your organization and requires a 4’ table.

Raptor Protection (elementary & middle schools)
We provide a raptor display that features taxidermy birds of prey and shows our commitment to raptor protection efforts on power lines. Our display covers such topics as raptor characteristics, adaptations, identification, natural history, basic biology and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This engaging demonstration provides the opportunity to actually touch raptor’s feet, talons and wings. 

Energy Conservation
Learn about energy savings in and around your home or business, and rebates available to you.

Water Conservation
We will share simple and effective changes you can make that will reduce energy and water consumption while improving performance. We showcase the latest conservation products and provide valuable tools for improving your home's efficiency.

Water Education Activity Booth 
Join Colorado Springs Utilities at this engaging, hands-on activity booth that is fun for the whole family. Learn about where your water supply comes from and ways that you can help protect and save water.