Consolidated billing

 Consolidated billing

Consolidated Billing is a free service for customers with multiple accounts. With Consolidated Billing, we will coordinate all your monthly bills for your different service addresses into a single bill cycle and due date so you will receive them all at the same time.

Please read the frequently asked questions to see if Consolidated Billing is right for you.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Accounts must be current.
  • One-time and miscellaneous bills are excluded.
  • May only consolidated accounts once within a 12-month period. If a new property is added in your name, it may be eligible at that time.
  • Accounts must have the same name and mailing address.
  • A Consolidated Election & Acknowledgement Form must be completed and submitted. The person completing the form must be listed on the account.

Once you have completed the form, mail it or fax it back to us so we can process your request. Please allow one full bill cycle for Consolidated Billing to take effect.