Construction drawing review

 Construction drawing review


Guidelines & procedures

Mapping & digital submittals

Digital data services
Digital data services is an access controlled application which allows registered users who regularly work with our facilities designers to submit Utility Addressing Plans (UAP) and Utility Design CAD (UDCF) files via the Internet.

The UAP and UDCF files are explained in detail in our service standards manuals. For additional information or to speak with a Land Base Services (LBS) representative, please call 668-8340.

Survey control data access
Facilities Information Mapping Systems (FIMS) Survey Control can be accessed through our online mapping system.

Wastewater planning

The steps below explain the Wastewater Master Facility Form (WWMFF) submittal process.

  1. Fill out the Wastewater Master Facility Form for your project and submit it as a PDF - along with a project map - via email.
  2. We'll let you know if you need to make a model. If a model is not required, either the Wastewater Master Facility Form will be accepted as an exception or a request for signatures will be made. If requested, obtain the signatures and resubmit the form via email to complete the process.
  3. If a model is required, the development engineer will create an EPA Storm Water Management Model (check these links) and submit the model and required documents via email.
    1. Model requirements
    2. EPA SWMM
    3. Springs Utilities seed model
    4. Model help
  4. We will evaluate the documents and model the downstream capacity. If the downstream capacity is acceptable and the appropriate signatures are obtained, the process is complete and we'll file the project; otherwise, the developer will make capacity improvements.

Water planning

Water quality plan requirements: (Plan shall include but is not limited to the following.)

  • Signature and contact information for the Owner/Developer or the entity that is financially responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the water quality plan are met.
  • Signature of the entity responsible for preparing the plans.
  • Water quality plan assessment (provided by Colorado Springs Utilities).
  • Identification, schedule, location and explanation of the method(s) for maintaining water quality requirements including but not limited to irrigation, construction water, manual flushing, and placement and water use of service points. If flushing is proposed, it is subject to the availability of resources and only upon express approval of Colorado Springs Utilities.
  • A copy of any separate agreements or permits as required.

Water planning links