The entire community uses the services we provide so routinely and regularly that it's easy to forget how dangerous they can be. Knowing what to do or what to look out for can help save a life.

811  Before You Dig
Whether you’re planting a few small shrubs or expanding your facility, you should always click 811 before you dig. Hitting a line could be harmful or potentially fatal, disrupt service to an entire neighborhood and have expensive repair costs.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)
CO is known as the silent killer because you can't see, taste or smell it. Protect your family and employees with a CO alarm on every floor of your home or business.

Natural Gas
Remember the three S's of natural gas safety: Sight, Smell and Sound. If you see dead vegetation near your natural gas meter or line, smell a rotten egg or skunk odor, or hear a hissing sound, there may be a natural gas leak. Leave the area and call 911.

Overhead Power Lines
Always play it safe around power lines and keep your distance! Remember the 10-foot rule: When carrying and using ladders and other long tools, keep them at least 10 feet away from all overhead lines.