Drought persists

 Drought persists

Water low in Rampart Reseroir

As your local water provider, we have a responsibility to protect and carefully manage your water supply. Currently, we are actively planning for what is shaping up to be a serious drought year for Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is located in a semi-arid climate where drought conditions regularly occur. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows Colorado in moderate to exceptional drought conditions, which are forecasted to continue through at least 2013. Because our city isn’t located on a major waterway, water is delivered to Colorado Springs from nearly 200 miles away.

Recent lower-than-normal snow pack, lack of significant precipitation and increased demand has strained Colorado Springs’ water supply. System-wide storage is at a near historical low of 48 percent; normal storage is 65 percent.

We continue to monitor use and storage to assess supply and the need for watering restrictions to assure our community’s health, safety and economic vitality.

Given our current situation, we will propose water restrictions to tentatively take effect April 1. Depending on snow pack yields, this could mean limiting watering outdoors three days a week or two days a week. A final decision by City Council is expected in March.

Wise water use is always the right thing to do, regardless of climate or supply conditions. We can all do our part by taking steps such as watering landscapes just once a month during the winter, checking around the house for and repairing water leaks, and encouraging neighbors and friends to do the same.