Easement standard procedures

 Easement standard procedures

Over the past few years, we have improved our easement process in order to create more user-friendly documents and a better experience for customers.

Easements granted by plat

Easements may be granted through the City’s platting process (Easement-by-Plat) as an alternative to granting easements by separate instrument. Currently, in order to use the Easement-by-Plat option, customers must include the following note on all plats:

“All easements that are dedicated hereon for public utility purposes shall be subject to those terms and conditions as specified in the instrument recorded at Reception Number 212112548 of the records of El Paso County, Colorado.”

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the City and Colorado Springs Utilities will not approve any proposed plat unless this note is placed on the plat.

Easements granted by separate instrument

Easements can still be granted by separate instrument. There are four different easement forms that can be used for this purpose that vary only by the type of entity granting the easement.