Cost adjustments

 Cost adjustments

Energy Cost Adjustments

As a non-profit, community-owned utility, we pass changes in fuel costs—up or down—directly on to our customers. While we monitor fuel costs monthly, we usually ask for adjustments quarterly.

Adjustments are based on a "look back" of the previously forecasted fuel costs and a "look ahead" at projections for the next quarter.

In 2018, we've passed through cost adjustments in February, May and August.

  • In February, we decreased the GCA and made no change to ECA.
  • In May, we increased the GCA and decreased the ECA.
  • In August, we increased the GCA and decreased the ECA.

Shown below are the GCA and ECA increases for Nov. 1 implementation that City Council approved on Oct. 23, 2018. These changes will result in ECA rates slightly higher than in January 2018 and GCA rates slightly lower than in January 2018.

ECA GCA 11012018.png