Cost adjustments

 Cost adjustments

Energy Cost Adjustments

As a non-profit, community-owned utility, we pass changes in fuel costs—up or down—directly on to our customers. While we monitor fuel costs monthly, we usually ask for adjustments quarterly.

Adjustments are based on a "look back" of the previously forecasted fuel costs and a "look ahead" at projections for the next quarter.

Energy costs are variable and driven by price fluctuations in the coal, natural gas and purchase power market.

On July 23, 2019 City Council voted 8-0 to approve rate decreases to electric and gas customers. These new rates went into effect on Aug. 1, 2019.

With this vote, the a sample residential customer's bill will decrease 2 percent, or $4.61 per month. A sample commercial customer's bill will decrease 4.7 percent or $67.84 per month and a sample industrial customer's bill will decrease 2.5 percent or $1,050.40 per month.

If customers want to see how their individual bills will be impacted by this rate decrease, they are encouraged to go to our bill calculator.

The next energy cost adjustments are expected to go to City Council for approval Oct. 22, 2019, for a Nov. 1, 2019 implementation.