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We've been a community-owned, not-for-profit, four-service utility provider in the Pikes Peak region since 1924. We supply the energy (natural gas and electricity) and water (drinking water and wastewater) services for Colorado Springs.

We offer free educational programs designed to augment your existing curriculum. These programs meet Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards wherever possible.

Community Event Information Booths Community event information booths provide the latest and most accurate information about your utilities. Our speakers are available to present at your school's family night or education/safety fair to share important information about current issues, energy and water use, safety, the environment, and other topics.​ Classroom Presentations Classroom presentations provide an interactive classroom learning experience and cover water education, electric safety, natural gas safety, or raptor protection.
Facility Tours & Field Trips Facility tours and field trips are a great way for schools, organizations and individuals to learn about what it takes to provide utilities to our community. Tours can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a school or organization and are available to Colorado Springs Utilities customers at no charge. Online Education Programs Online education programs offer additional information and activities and reinforce 21st Century Learning Skills through technology use.
Classroom Kits, Activities & Worksheets Classroom kits, activities & worksheets are great ways to reinforce learning in the classroom on topics such as the water cycle and conservation. Arrange a presentation to get the latest and most accurate information about your community-owned utility. Our speakers are employees who dedicate their time to help educate our community about current issues, energy and water use, the environment and other topics.
Video resources Videos provide effective learning tools to supplement teaching objectives. ​​