Electric motors rebate

Electric motors rebate

Save your business money and help protect the environment with an electric motor replacement rebate. Receive a rebate when you replace shaded pole or permanent split capacitor motors with electronically commutated (ECM) or Q-sync motors. Read the specific rebate information below and then follow the steps to apply for the rebate.*

Motor replacement information:

  • Receive $60 to replace motors under 1/2hp with ECM or Q-sync units.
  • Receive $100 for those greater than or equal to 1/2hp.
  • Locations for such motors include, but are not limited to, walk in/reach-in cooler/freezer, HVAC fan powered VAV box, fan coil and furnace blowers.

 Eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be a Colorado Springs Utilities commercial electric customer.
  2. Electronically commutated and Q-sync motors must have a minimum of 70% efficiency.
  3. The minimum qualifying replacement size is 1/30hp (25 watts) for replaced shaded pole motors or 1/50hp (15 watts) for split capacitor motors.
  4. For safety purposes, all ECMs or Q-sync motors installed must be UL listed.
  5. Product installation must meet local, state and federal safety code requirements.
Steps to receive rebate:
  1. Download and complete the rebate application.
  2. Digitally sign - or print and sign - the rebate application.
  3. Sign and provide the manufacturer's data sheets indicating ECM efficiency rating.
  4. Provide clear, legible copies of your itemized invoices that show:
    • Date of purchase
    • Purchase price
    • Make/model
    • Quantity purchased
  5. Provide a copy of valid photo ID. Military personnel should bring military ID to 111 S. Cascade Ave for verification.
  6. Email or mail the completed application and all required documentation to products@csu.org or
    Colorado Springs Utilities
    Energy Rebates
    P.O. Box 1103, Mail Code 1339
    Colorado Springs, CO 80947

*Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis and are subject to eligibility and availability of funds. Certain other conditions and restrictions apply.