Charging up

 Charging up

Plugging in is as simple as it sounds.

EVs can plug in to a common 120V outlet with a small “Level 1” mobile charger that resembles an extension cord. Many EV drivers install a “Level 2” charger for a faster charge on a 240V outlet like an electric outlet for clothes dryers.

The typical commute in Colorado Springs is only 6 miles. With a round trip of 12 miles, you’d only need to charge your EV once a week. With your fueling station now at your home, you can charge every evening as you sleep and never visit a gas station again!

If you already own an EV, you may consider our electric time of use rate to help you save money. If you can shift the majority of your electricity use -- like charging your vehicle --  to off-peak hours, you may be a prime candidate for this option.

Public charging stations

Public charging stations and workplace charging options in Colorado Springs are growing in popularity, providing on-the-go options to charge your EV.

To expand our community’s EV charging network, we’ve installed Level II ChargePoint chargers at our facilities:

Conservation and Environmental Center
2855 Mesa Road
Available 24/7

John Pinkerton Service Center
7710 Durant Drive
Available during business hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Leon Young Service Center
1521 Hancock Expressway
Available 24/7

To use the ChargePoint chargers:

1. Sign up at to create a ChargePoint Account. You will receive a free ChargePoint charging card in the mail.

2. You can also sign up when you download the mobile app. Once you have an account and the mobile app, you can search for spots, price and charging speed. You’ll manage payments here.

3. Start a charging session with the ChargePoint app. Just hold your phone by the card reader on the station.

4. Or, activate and use your ChargePoint card.

Apps from Blink, ChargePoint, EVgo and even Google Maps can help you find a charging station and monitor your session. The PlugShare app helps EV owners find all nearby charging stations, regardless of company affiliation.