Fountain Creek

 Fountain Creek

Fountain Creek

Much like the veins in our own body, the Fountain Creek Watershed relies on a system of life-giving waterways to connect communities in southern Colorado – Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Green Mountain Falls , Fountain, Manitou Springs, Palmer Lake and Woodland Park.

Fountain Creek is a vast and varied ecological system. Its wetlands and riparian habitats are home to diverse wildlife and vegetation.

Over the years, this regional asset has become at risk. Human influence have led to increased erosion, sedimentation and flooding – negatively impacting the waterways' stability and water quality.

As the region’s major water provider, we have a responsibility to ensure the integrity of our surrounding waterways, especially those that act as part of our operations. Fountain Creek is one such example.

The creek is home to utilities infrastructure that, if not properly and proactively maintained, could jeopardize the safe, reliable delivery of water services to Colorado Springs. This includes power lines, wastewater creek crossing and other types of utilities materials.

We also have a responsibility to protect the environment and ensure that our operations create the least impact possible. This commitment echoes that which was established by the pioneers of this city.

Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District
The Fountain Creek Watershed Strategic Plan and Fountain Creek Corridor Restoration Master Plan are owned and managed by the Fountain Creek Watershed District, which was formalized in 2009 to create healthy and safe waterways and to establish opportunities, all through regional collaboration.