High-efficiency circulator pumps

High-efficiency circulator pumps

Optimize your hydronic heating and/or cooling system with a high-efficiency circulator pump.

We buy down purchases of qualified high efficiency pumps through a partnership with participating distributors. Circulator pumps with ECM motors offer an instant 40%-50% wattage reduction than a standard pump. By purchasing ECM pumps with added controls, you can save even more.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be a Colorado Springs Utilities commercial customer.
  • Equipment must be purchased from a participating distributor. 
  • The project site must be within Colorado Springs Utilities service territory. 
  • Qualified products must have a variable speed motor and specific types of built in controls. 

Speak with your distributor to select the high-efficiency circulator pump that is best for your project. 

Participating Distributors:

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
10000 E 56th Ave
Denver CO 80239
(Fulfillment center)
Segments: Hospitality, Healthcare, Multi-Family, and Government/Institutional properties.
Brands:  Armstrong, Taco, Grundfos, and Bell and Gossett

Johnstone Supply
3720 E. Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Zeb McCannaughhay
Brands: Bell & Gossett, Grundfos, Taco

Rampart Supply, Inc.
1801 N. Union Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Shaun Anderson
Brands: Bell & Gossett, Grundfos, Taco