HOA water management

HOA water management

Dealing with high water bills: how homeowner associations can make smart changes to save money.

Healthy landscapes add value to properties and, with the current water conditions, many associations are asking how they can maintain an attractive common area landscape and property values while keeping their water bills affordable. Two approaches to conserving landscape water are:

  • improve the efficiency of how water is applied to the landscape, and
  • change the landscape to one that requires less water.

Learn which short-term strategies keep water bills manageable until long-term changes for a water-wise landscape can be made.

Immediate strategies for savings:

  • Hire a knowledgeable landscape company;
  • Get a professional landscape evaluation;
  • Pay for services that provide the greatest benefit;
  • Set priorities for landscape water savings;
  • Manage turfgrass areas;
  • Develop a neighborhood sprinkler watch;
  • Protect mature trees and shrubs;
  • Budget for future rate increases;
  • Start planning a landscape converstion.
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