Liquid waste hauler program

 Liquid waste hauler program

Our Liquid Waste Hauler Program regulates businesses that collect, pump, transport or dispose of liquid wastes.

Liquid wastes include:

  • pumpings from sand traps, septic tanks, portable toilets, food service or petroleum service grease traps;
  • sludges generated from domestic wastewater treatment plants and lagoons;
  • and other types of regulated liquid waste.

Permits are issued to haulers that are subject to conditions of the quality of the waste, time and location of disposal of the waste, and operations of the waste hauler using Springs Utilities’ designated disposal facilities.

Section 12-5-10 of the City Code delineates liquid waste hauler requirements, which include the use of a manifest system to document wastes that are pumped. Manifests require signatures by both the generator and the hauler to certify that the wastes are not hazardous.

The fee for disposal is $0.0725245 per gallon in addition to a $50 annual permit fee.