My Usage frequently asked questions

My Usage frequently asked questions

How do the rate changes effective August 1 affect my business?
For non-residential customers in the W-G and W-M rate classes, the surcharge for water use above the 2012 base level is reduced from two times to 1.25 times the current charge.

Nonpotable water customers will pay 1.2 times the current charge above the 2012 base level.

What is demand? How do I know if my rate has a demand charge?
We have many rate options to meet our diverse customer needs. For our larger business customers, electric demand is calculated and billed at the highest 15-minute load during any time in the billing period (with an adjustment for power factor).

You can find your current rate on your bill. The rate is listed on the first line, after your account information – on the sample bill below, the rate is E8T. Download our rate sheet for more information on our rate structures..

How far back am I able to view demand or power factor?
My Usage has the ability to display up to 45 days at one time using the spreadsheet download. Additionally, the tool can graph up to one week at a time. Data will be shown in 5 minute intervals – which may help you determine what is causing your peak demands.

What is the benefit of reducing consumption?
There are many benefits to reducing consumption. Most customers will see a lower utility bill. Additionally, as you use less, there is less demand on our systems to produce the power, reducing emissions and the need for additional generation sources.

How does the weather affect my usage?
Weather plays a vital role in your daily usage. During extreme weather conditions, you may be more likely to decrease the temperature on your cooling unit or increase the temperature on your furnace. This will cause those systems to work much harder to cool or heat your home, thus increasing the electric and gas usage.

How is average daily use calculated?
The average daily use (ADU) is calculated by taking the total usage divided by the number of days in the date range. Please note that this may be different from the ADU listed on your bill as billing periods may not match calendar months.

If my business is not operating, why is there still usage showing?
The utility industry typically refers to this activity as ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’ loads. These are electronic items that may be turned off but continue to draw small amounts of power! The U.S. Department of Energy reports that 20 percent of our electric usage goes to phantom loads.