My Usage & Average Comparison

 My Usage & Average Comparison


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My Usage provides access to daily consumption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a free service available through My Account to help you better understand how and when you are using electricity, natural gas and water before you receive your bill.

My Usage is a consumption management tool and may differ from your bill slightly based on the time your automated meter readings are gathered.

By knowing how much you are using on a daily basis, you can make decisions on ways to reduce your consumption and, ultimately, your bill.


  • Easy-to-read graphs.
  • Identify abnormal/high consumption and possible leaks.dentify abnormal/high consumption and possible leaks.
  • Ability to download data - compatible with most browsers.
  • Displays the last billed date and number of days since the beginning of current bill cycle at the bottom of the graph.
  • Quickly review the temperature history and the forecast for a given month.

Average Comparison

The average comparison graph under the My Usage data allows customers to better understand how their energy and water use compares to other customers in the same zip code and rate class. It's important to remember each customer’s average use depends on a range of factors including the size and age of the home/appliances, the number of people in the home, outdoor landscaping requirements, etc.
  • Only residential customers have comparison graphs. This feature is not available for business accounts.
  • The average daily use is based on the time frame selected in My Usage. The comparisons are compiled by the same weeks that fall into that period.
  • Regardless of a customer's residential rate, the comparison data only shows the high, average and low for customers on E1R, G1R and/or W-R rate classes.

How to generate a graph

1. Select your account/property location.

2. Select the service (electric, natural gas or water) you want to display.

3. Select a start and end date range to display.

4. Select 'Display Graph' to generate a graph of use for your desired timeframe.

5. Select 'Download Spreadsheet Data' to export data to your computer.

6. Hover over a bar in the graph to see the date and time consumption measured.

7. Average Comparison: Look for the yellow star in the bottom scale to see how your consumption compares with other residential customers.

My Usage example