Moving in or out

Moving in or out

While property managers cannot apply for utility services on behalf of a tenant, property managers can request services to transfer in or out of their name.

If you are concerned about your tenant applying for service, the safest way to assure the transfer of services is to a have your tenant complete a Service Request form at the same time they complete their lease. It's an online form your tenant can fill out in the office. If an application is denied, we will contact the applicant and provide next steps to follow. At times, applicants are required to come to our customer service center (111 South Cascade Ave.) within three (3) business days with a copy of the lease and appropriate identification.

If your tenant already has active service with us, they can transfer service by logging in to My Account.

You may request your tenant list you as a third party to be notified if there is a change in service by completing the Third Party Notification Form.

Important notes:
If the tenant has not applied for service within 4 business days, we will turn off service to the property. The property manager is responsible for services for all days in between the time of original notice and the time of the disconnect. (See Sheet 17, Billing Item 6.A.5 of the Utilities Rules & Regulations Tariff.)

If a property management company automatically reverts utility services to their account, be aware that when and if a tenant cancels their utility service, even if they do so prior to the end of their lease agreement, the financial responsibility for those utilities falls to the property management company.