Showerhead rebate

Showerhead rebate

To encourage customers to save both water and energy, we are offering a rebate to commercial customers who install or retrofit WaterSense certified showerheads (10 or more) at their facilities. We will provide a $10 or 50-percent rebate (whichever is less) on each WaterSense certified showerhead purchased and installed. Follow the steps below to see if you qualify for a showerhead rebate:

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Installation address must have Colorado Springs Utilities commercial gas or water service and account must be in applicant’s name.
  2. Qualifying equipment must be WaterSense approved showerheads of less than 2gpm and/or ShowerStart TSV; shower pre-heat auto shutoff valve.
  3. This program is for retrofit and new construction.
  4. This program applies to bulk purchases of 10 units or greater.
Steps to receive rebate:
  1. Download and complete the rebate application.
  2. Digitally sign - or print and sign - the rebate application.
  3. Provide a clear, legible copy of your itemized invoice that shows:
    • Date of purchase
    • Purchase price
    • Quantity purchased
  4. Provide a copy of valid photo ID. Military personnel should bring military ID to 111 S. Cascade Ave for verification.
  5. Email or mail the completed application and all required documentation to or
    Colorado Springs Utilities
    Energy Rebates
    P.O. Box 1103, Mail Code 1339
    Colorado Springs, CO 80947

It pays to be efficient

One WaterSense showerhead can save a considerable amount of energy. A standard 2.5 gallon per minute (gpm) showerhead used for two ten-minute showers daily will use 17,750 gallons of heated water per year. Heating that water costs $130. A similarly used WaterSense high-performance showerhead using between 1.5 and 2 gpm will save 3,550 to 7,100 gallons of heated water per year. This will save $30 to $50 per year in gas water heating costs. Together with the savings in water and wastewater, each showerhead can save $50 to $100 per year.