Silver source control program

 Silver source control program

The Silver Source Control Program began in 1994 for the purpose of reducing the total silver loading at our Las Vegas Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Local businesses using any type of photo processing or X-ray processing are included in the program. A questionnaire must be completed if your business uses photochemicals. To find out if your business should be in the program, or for a copy of the Silver Source Control Policies and Procedures Manual, please contact us.

There are two types of businesses affected by the program.

  • Class I businesses are those that choose to have the silver rich waste shipped offsite or picked-up by a silver recycling company. Class I requirements include record keeping and reporting. An Offsite Disposal Report Form needs to be submitted by Class I businesses on an annual basis that reports how much waste photochemical solutions were disposed.
  • Class II businesses use silver recovery technology at their locations to recover silver from the photo and X-ray processing waste streams. Class II requirements include record keeping, reporting and actual monitoring/sampling of the final effluent following the silver recovery devices. All laboratory results for samples taken must be reported on a self-monitoring report form

The program also offers a Best Management Practices (BMPs) option for Class II businesses. BMPs are designed for customers that have been with the program for a minimum of two years and have demonstrated continued compliance with the policies and procedures. BMPs lift the requirement for the periodic monitoring of the final effluent. If you think that your business may qualify for BMPs, please submit a BMPs questionnaire.