South Slope Recreation Area

 South Slope Recreation Area

McReynolds Reservoir

The South Slope watershed lands consist of approximately 9,000 acres located on the south side of Pikes Peak. Elevations range from approximately 10,000 feet to more than 12,000 feet. Although the site is located within 10 miles of the western end of Colorado Springs on a direct line, the watershed lands are situated in a remote setting and requires approximately a two-hour drive that includes narrow sections and rough, unpaved surfaces.

The South Slope watershed is a diverse and biologically rich landscape. Sub alpine and Engelmann spruce forests rise above fens and wetlands. It is home to bighorn sheep, cutthroat trout and an array of migratory birds. Recreational opportunities are designed to be as low impact as possible to protect sensitive areas.

Allowable activities include hiking, biking, and fishing in McReynolds and Mason Reservoirs only. Equestrian facilities will be developed during future phases. Access to the South Slope Recreation area is by permit only.

Visit the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services for fees and hours of operation.

South Slope Map