Storms & power outages

 Storms & power outages


 4 Steps to Outage Restoration


1. Electric First Responders
Trouble shooters assess the situation, isolates the problem and back feeds to get as many customers back in service as soon as possible. They can make small repairs and calls tree trimming crews if necessary.

2. Tree Trimming Crew
This team ensures all limbs and trees are removed from the lines. They make sure there is clearance for line crews to work and no danger to customers or crews.

3. Damage Assessment Team
This team finds what part in the system is damaged and provides a work list for the line crews so they have the parts required for repair. In some cases they will contact the customer.

4. Repair Team
Electric Journeymen repair the equipment - depending on what is needed, it could take a couple of hours or multiple days. When the repair is done, the system is energized again.

In spite of our best efforts, we can't always withstand the forces of Mother Nature. We understand the inconvenience that loss of service presents, and we appreciate your patience as we work to restore service as quickly as possible. During any storm, it’s important to keep yourself and family safe.

We encourage those who have needs requiring electricity to seek shelter with friends or neighbors during a storm. Customers with an emergency should call 911.

During a storm

Before & after a storm
  • Do you have trees touching an electric line? Do not attempt to trim them yourself. Call us at 448-4800 for a free tree and utility safety inspection. Line clearance tree trimming will be arranged at no cost to the customer if it is determined that tree limbs are encroaching or threatening the power lines.
  • Check your mast (for homes with overhead power lines). Should an outage occur, your mast must be in working order before we can safely restore power to your home.
  • Check your meters for damage. Damaged meters can be a safety hazard, exposing wires or leaking natural gas. If your meters are damaged in a storm, call 448-4800 and we'll come inspect/replace the meters. For your safety, please do not attempt to tape or repair damaged meters yourself.
  • Create an emergency kit with water, food, first-aid supplies and more.
  • Create/update an emergency plan with current emergency contact information.