City of Colorado Springs residential stormwater fee

 City of Colorado Springs residential stormwater fee

On Nov. 7, 2017, voters approved Ballot Issue 2A, which instituted a dedicated City of Colorado Springs stormwater fee to fund critical stormwater infrastructure, regulatory permit compliance and maintenance. Although stormwater is not a service provided by Colorado Springs Utilities, we were contracted by the City to add a residential stormwater fee to our customers' bills beginning July 1, 2018.

Beginning July 1, most residential water customers will see a stormwater fee of up to $5 added to their bill (some bills will be prorated in the initial billing cycle). For questions related to the fee or the City’s stormwater operations, please contact the City at 719-385-7876, or visit their web site.

For questions about your residential utilities bill and account, please contact us at 719-448-4800.

The City has contracted with a separate company to bill the stormwater fee for non-residential properties.

Frequently Asked Questions about our role in administering the City's Residential Stormwater Fee

  1. How is stormwater different from wastewater?
    Wastewater is everything you flush down the toilet or put down a drain. Once wastewater leaves your home’s plumbing, it is collected through a closed network of underground pipes and then treated at one of two wastewater treatment plants, before being returned to the environment. Colorado Springs Utilities manages wastewater collection and treatment operations in our service territory.

    Stormwater management is a permitted service provided by the City of Colorado Springs. Stormwater is rain or snow that falls onto streets, parking areas, rooftops and other developed areas, and flows directly into nearby streams or travels there through drainage systems.

  2. Why is the Stormwater Fee on my utilities bill if it is not managed by Springs Utilities?
    The City Ordinance, as approved by voters on Nov. 7, 2017, requires that each residential water customer pay a monthly $5 Stormwater Fee. To meet that requirement, we were contracted by the City of Colorado Springs to apply the $5 fee to residential water customer bills, beginning July 1, 2018.

  3. Is the Stormwater Fee connected with my Springs Utilities water service?
    The City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Fee is in no way connected with your water service. It is a monthly fee and is not dependent on water usage. For more information regarding the fee, or for information on the City’s stormwater program, please visit the City’s web site.

  4. How are non-residential customers being billed for Stormwater management?
    The City of Colorado Springs is billing non-residential customers through a separate vendor. Please visit the City’s web site for more information on non-residential billing.