Facility tour policy

 Facility tour policy


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Our policy is in place to ensure the safety of employees, visitors and facilities. Please read the following information carefully.

  • We offer tours to Colorado educational institutions and organizations (i.e. schools, colleges, boy/girl scout troops).
  • For safety reasons, group sizes of public tours of our plants are limited. Please refer to the detailed tour descriptions for group size restrictions.
  • Facility tours are not offered during weeks in which we observe holidays.
  • Public tours are booked on a first request basis and require a minimum of three weeks advance notice.
  • Minimum age is nine years old or currently enrolled in fourth grade. Please refer to the detailed tour descriptions for minimum age requirements on specific tours.
  • Schools must provide one adult chaperone for every 10 children (minimum).
  • Organizations requesting a tour must provide a list of names of all tour attendees at least five working days prior to the tour. Adults (over the age of 18) must provide government issued photo identification (i.e. driver's license, military ID) upon arrival. If visitors show up for a tour and their names are not on the list or they do not have appropriate identification, they will not be permitted to tour the facility.
  • No backpacks, briefcases, cameras, cell phones, video recording devices, etc. are allowed in any facility.
  • Appropriate dress, which includes long pants, closed-toed walking shoes, and clothing/accessories for expected weather, is mandatory for all tours. Due to safety concerns, visitors with inappropriate dress will not be able to tour the entire operational facility. We provide additional safety equipment, when required, to tour a facility (i.e. hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection).
  • All tour participants must remain under the control and guidance of the tour guide. Any person or group deviating from the guided tour will be escorted from the facility.
  • Tour participants must adhere to all safety and site-specific requirements of each facility. Failure to follow safety requirements will terminate the tour.
  • Special requests are considered on an individual basis, including persons with physical disabilities and requests to visit facilities other than those listed on the site. Tours outside the designated hours will not be considered during winter months.
  • We reserve the right to cancel and/or deny any request.

Security policy

Our security policies must be followed at all times while touring any of our facilities. Upon arrival at the facility, each person on the tour must process in at the main gate or front lobby of the facility. Visitor badges must be worn at all times while on the tour and will be returned at the end of the tour. We reserve the right to cancel any tours when there is an existence of an imminent threat to our facilities.