Utilities Trade Network

Utilities Trade Network

Utilities Trade NetworkGrow your business with our Utilities Trade Network

We developed the Utilities Trade Network to support energy and water efficiency in our community.

We offer a wide range of rebates designed to help your customers in our service territory complete projects that will save them money. The Utilities Trade Network provides contractors like you the opportunity to close more sales and secure more business.

Utilities Trade Network advantages:

  • Free program training and information
  • Semi-annual meetings for information and networking
  • Notice of product updates, new materials and incentives
  • Quarterly newsletter with updates and project spotlights
  • Utilities Trade Network image to be used on your website

Use of Utilities Trade Network image
To recognize contractors who participate in our Utilities Trade Network*, we developed an image that can be used on your website and other marketing materials. In order to use the image, contractors are required to:

  • Attend a workshop specific to the type of rebate(s) you may submit, and
  • Successfully complete one rebate from submittal to payment.

The goal of the workshop is to provide contractors with information to properly complete a rebate form and an opportunity to build a professional relationship with our program managers. To express your interest in attending our next workshop, contact the program manager.

We’re committed to working with local contractors and increasing participation in our efficiency programs to create a brighter future for Colorado Springs.

Program manager
Rich Swope
719-668-5760 | tradepartners@csu.org

* Joining our Utilities Trade Network does not certify or endorse you or your products/services in any way.