Utilities Board

 Utilities Board

Our governing board, the Utilities Board, is comprised of the members of City Council.

Chair Keith King

Vice Chair Merv Bennett

Helen Collins

Jill Gaebler

Don Knight

Jan Martin

Joel Miller

Andy Pico

Val Snider

The Utilities Board follows a form of governance known as Policy Governance® that is based on the use of written policy direction. A key group of policies are referred to as Ends. The Ends Policy is the vehicle that communicates to the organization the Board's expectations on desired results or outcomes of its operations.

The Ends Policy directs us to achieve an outcome where our customers will benefit from quality utilities services and citizens will value local ownership. We have developed a set of strategies to align the efforts of the entire organization to achieve the ends through our Strategic Plan.

The Utilities Board meets the Wednesday between City Council meetings (which are the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month) at 1 p.m. in the Blue River Board Room on the fifth floor of the South Tower in the Plaza of the Rockies (121 S. Tejon Street).

2014 Meeting Schedule 

January 22
July 16
February 19
August 20
March 19
September 17
April 16
October 22
May 21
November 19
June 18
December 17


All meetings are open to the public and streamed live over the Internet. (You must have Windows Media Player on your computer in order to view or listen to the meeting.) You can also follow meetings on Twitter at the hashtag #ubmtg.
The Feb. 19, 2014 Utilities Board meeting will be held at City Hall. View the live video stream here.

Recordings of past board meetings